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How To Dress Like...A British "It" Girl

How To Dress Like...A British "It" Girl

chelkahorchata loves the look of these British ladies—and after reading this post, we're dying to dress just like them!—Sparkitors

You might think you don't know anything about British fashion icons, but I'm willing to bet you're obsessed with at least one: Emma Watson. Yep, the gorgeous girl who plays brainiac Hermione Granger also models for Burberry and is considered by the fashion industry to be a true stylista—and she's not the only Brit to inspire style copycats. Over the past few years, British movie stars and models have dominated in American fashion magazines; their outfits always look thrown-together but oh-so-chic. And the best part is, you can easily re-create their looks; just check out some their favorite staples, and you'll find yourself one well-shoed step closer to dressing like a British "It" girl!

Style Icon: Kate Moss. She's the very definition of a supermodel: she's been the face of countless ad campaigns and the muse to plenty of designers, and she always looks effortless and beautiful. Kate is just as influential today as she was 10 years ago; she's still stunning, and she was recently named one of Vogue's Best Dressed Women of the Year. Here are some of her style staples—and if you want to snap up similar items, check out the limited edition pieces she designed for Topshop!

1. A printed mini dress
2. Sunglasses: round or aviator, tortoise or black
3. Hot pants! (American translation: daisy dukes, but beware, you must use common fashion sense to decide if your short shorts are stylish or tacky)
4. Basic tees, tanks, and cardigans in neutrals or neon
5. A fitted or boyfriend blazer in black or gray

Style Icon: Emma Watson. The charming, popular Harry Potter star has been dominating the fashion and entertainment world lately, and her amazing new pixie cut took the fashion world by storm. She can transform from casual and carefree to glamorous and  gorgeous in the span of a day, and she pulls it off without ever looking like she's trying to hard. She even recently collaborated with People Tree to on a new collection! Here are some of her favorite items:

1. Collegiate basics such as cardigans and jackets (you can even DIY yours with preppy crests and pins, or purchase in cute rugby stripes or letterman inspired details)
2. Elegant but edgy dresses for all occasions
3. A pretty scarf: flowy, knitted, short, long, striped, leopard print—the options are endless!
4. The perfect trench—it'll never go out of style!

Style Icon: Alexa Chung. Alexa started out as a model, became the host of a hit show on MTV, and now she reigns in magazines as the fashionista of the moment. Oh, and she also DJs the coolest parties in Hollywood, all while looking hip, hot, and perfectly unique. If you're desperate to re-create her look, invest in the following pieces, or check out her design debut with Madewell!

1. Graphic/statement teesanything artsy goes!
2. Vintage-style dresses
3. "Borrowed from the Boyfriend" looks—think oversize blazers, jeans, and sweaters
4. Hats—think fedoras, floppy sun hats, or cute cloches
5. Tights—especially in black!

In case you're in need of more inspiration, here are three more fashionable Brits for you to channel:
- Actress and fashion "It" girl Sienna Miller has rocked so many different looks—she  can pull off ANYTHING.
-Punk chic model Agyness Deyn doesn't dress like anyone else—she's a diehard individual!
-Actress and face of Chanel Kiera Knightley is stunning no matter what she wears.

Who's your favorite Brit "It" girl?

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