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What Celebrities Are Thankful For

What Celebrities Are Thankful For

Here's what some of the most famous people, cartoons, and um, Oprah are (probably) giving thanks for this year!

Lady Gaga Nobody released the hounds while she was wearing the meat dress.

Alice (in Wonderland) That hole didn't lead to a Chilean mine. Those things are super hard to get out of!

The Road Runner Wild E Cayote is a complete moron.

Pinocchio Lying isn't a capitol offense in Italy.

Tinker Bell Mini marshmallows. We're not really sure why, we just bet she uses them for a lot of things (pillows, hats, birthday cakes, etc.).

Ke$ha Garbage cans. (Otherwise she'd have to start shopping in stores.)

Trix Rabbit Even if they won't let him eat his own cereal, at least they let him star in the commercials.

Snookie That there isn't a height requirement for tanning beds.

Mary Poppins That the person who actually coined the phrase "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" hasn't sued her for infringement rights.

Lindsay Lohan Lawyers.

Mister Rogers Neighborhood block parties. Besides sweaters, it's all the guy has to live for.

Oprah A Tory Burch tote AND Lafco candles AND Lululemon pants AND WE'RE ALL GOING ON A CRUUUUUUISSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Obama The Shake Weight. (How you think she got those arms?)

Curious George That the Man In The Yellow Hat is one of those non-killing poachers. (Seriously. Phew.)

Elf Everything!!!!

What are you thankful for?

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