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What Your Favorite Font Says About You

What Your Favorite Font Says About You

Fonts are one of those things you don't think about until they slap you in the face like a pickled herring. Fonts are the original subliminal messaging. They are laden with hidden meaning and fraught with subtle significance. Typography has taken over the world, and you don't even realize it. When you pick Courier New over Times New Roman, you may think you are merely lengthening your term paper by a page and a half, but in truth you are laying bare the secrets of your soul.

If your favorite font is...

You appreciate all things mainstream. You are straightforward and to the point. You can be bossy. Your family tree probably originates in Switzerland. Your entire wardrobe is from the Gap. You like sponge cake.

You want to be a wee bit different, but not too different. Like cool different. Just different enough. Your wardrobe is also from the Gap. And Old Navy. You like angel food cake.

You are fooling no one. Nevertheless, you have a retro flair. You own a typewriter, but it hasn't had a ribbon since...okay, it's never had a ribbon. You study Latin and like to play Go Fish. You wear glasses, but the lenses aren't prescription.

You are traditional. You like to wear hats, but not inside. (That's rude.) You play an instrument, likely the cornet. You don't swear. You are a ravenous reader and a gifted orator. You have a GPA of 3.98. You pronounce schedule "shejewl."

You are just like people who like Times New Roman, but you are half an inch shorter.

You are loud and stubborn. You apply boldface to all your correspondence, which makes people think you are shouting. Your favorite punctuation mark is an exclamation point. You wear red underwear and coined your own nickname.

When you handwrite, you write in bubble letters with sparkly pens. Your favorite color is pink. Your laugh sounds like the tinkling of bells. Your favorite animal is a unicorn. You love birthdays. Your name is spelled with an 'i' where a 'y' should be.

You're just being ridiculous. Who writes in Plantagenet Cherokee?

Congratulations, you are zany! When you were a kid, you made up your own language. You have a fascination with all things Egyptian. You don't get out much, but you have a lot of friends online. You listen to Icelandic punk rock.

You are a romantic with a promising future as a calligrapher. You have read the entire collected works of the Brontë sisters. Your hobby is photography, specializing in the use of sepia tone. Your favorite flower is a scarlet rose. You want to name your first child Zapfino (Zapfina if it's a girl).

What's your favorite font?

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