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Hanging Out with Jazzy: How to Make Everything Awkward

Hanging Out with Jazzy: How to Make Everything Awkward

villanous_mwaha, aka Jazzy, is THE ORIGINAL SparkLife columnist! We must offer a word of caution about this post, though: Some of these suggestions could probably result in a detention. Just sayin'! —Sparkitors

I recently created a little thing I like to call MAKE EVERYTHING AWKWARD WEEK! In honor of this most excellent and glorious week, my best friend and I have created a list of things you can do to make everything awkward, and how many awkward points you can obtain from each awkward action. Prepare yourself for some VERY awkward turtles:

  • Squeeze random person's hand (must be of the opposite sex) (1pt)
  • Run your hand up and down friend’s legs (2pts)
  • Stroke the backs of various people (1pt)
  • Go behind someone and whisper in his/her ear, “You smell…SO good...” (2pts)
  • Stare creepily at someone and say, “I had a dream about you last night.” (3pts)
  • In the middle of a group of people declare, “I am sooooo horny!” (3pts)
  • In the same situation, pretend you're making out with someone. Get really into it—sounds are key! (5pts)
  • (For girls) Get someone alone and say that it’s time you told them about your first period. If the go with (5pts)
  • Any that’s what he/she said jokes (1pt)
  • Stroke someone’s face and look deep into their eyes. (2pts)
  • Touch someone’s hair lightly and whisper, “Wow...” (2pts)
  • Take someone’s hand. Lick it. (3pts)
  • Let out a silent-but-deadly, then smile as people realize. (5pts)
  • Declare loudly that you reeeeeally need a poo! (3pts)
  • Lick someone’s face. (4pts)
  • Stare at someone and say, “Your eyes are sooo dreamy!” (2pts)

  • Squeeze someone’s belly. (2pts)
  • Stare at someone’s left ear while looking worried. (2pts)
  • Stare at someone’s crotch area while looking worried. (4pts)
  • Poke someone’s bum. (5pts)
  • Go up to a stranger and say, “Thank you for last night,” wink, and walk away. (3pts)
  • For those lucky enough to be in a relationship, kiss your SO in front of someone else. (2pts)
  • Unexpected piggyback! (2pts)
  • Unexpected piggyFRONT! (4pts)

Note: Be careful when piggyback/fronting people, DO NOT do it to people in heels, as my friend did to me today. I slipped and collapsed in the school corridor. Luckily, I was laughing the whole time, BUT it could have gone very wrong, so please exercise caution with your awkwardness.

What's the most awkward thing you've ever done on purpose?

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