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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

How's THIS for a change of pace: today, we're not "awwww"-ing over puppies, crown-wearing cats, or this weird kid in a teddy bear suit—nope, we've got a brand new breed of cute, and it's called the SPIDER MONKEY. Sure, his arachnid-inspired name doesn't exactly conjure up warm, fuzzy feelings, but just look at those eyes! Here's what Becky had to say about her pic:

This is a spider monkey I saw at Woburn Safari park. I thought it was cute enough to begin with, and then it stuck its tongue out at me, which makes it look absolutely adorable!! And there is also a cute baby monkey hanging on to her :)

A BABY MONKEY, TOO?! That just put us into a cuteness coma. While we dream of cuddle-worthy creatures, you can check out the funniest comments from last week:

NoahNosh: "Waddya mean I'm a diva?!? You trying to say something!?!?"

saranvd: "What part of 'I don't want to play Pretty Pretty Princess' did you stupid humans not understand?"

muffinsarejustbetter: You toucha the tiara, I breaka you face.

DontWorryBeHappy:): The queen is not amused...OR: If you keep talking, I WILL have you beheaded.

maximumrandomness: 'Why hello there, Mr. Bond.... You have fallen right into my trap.'

sparkly_mary_23: For a whole book they wondered who the half blood prince was. Well, I'm the pure blood princess.

Dearestmoo: I is Rowena Ravenclaw! Behold my diadem of wisdum!

hlucero06: "You did not just wake me up before noon."

jedimastermegan: I'm actually quite deadly.

TheEpicNinjaOfEpicness: I'm sorry, did you just call me tacky?

flyergirl13: "Let them eat cake!"

mega_mega9: I hate Mondays... but the tiara helps.

Your_Average_Zebra: "Dogs have owners; Cats have slaves"

LOTR_junkie6: "I TOLD you, I want fresh spring water brought STRAIGHT from the mountains, none of that nasty bottled stuff."

pollysmiles101: Surely you jest! I'm expected to choose between Garfield and Crookshanks to rule by my side???

ohmygoodnessgraciousgosh: No, I will not "scoot" over. In fact, it is you with the bad manners. No one disrespects royalty!

rainfire113: So what if my head is squishing under the weight of this crown? That's the price you pay to look fabulous, darling.

via_snail_mail: She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States.

And our favorite comment from last week, by 'olwhatshername:

We're running low on Cute Thing photos, so if you've got an adorable pic, share it with us at!

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