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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

Normally when a video receives a score as low as 5.20 (which is what last week's clip averaged), Chelsea Dagger spends 3 days in mourning, cursing the inventor of the internet and eating nothing but her own tears. But this time around, she's filled with buoyant, sweaty hope; sure, some of you loathed last week's offering, but that doesn't matter, because several of you bucked the trend and boldly declared your undying love for Tom Hanks. Nothing, NOTHING, makes Chelsea Dagger happier than knowing that certain Sparklers adore the every-classy, ever-quality Mr. H just as much as she does, so a gratitude-filled shout-out goes to invisible <3, FrolickingSheep, SuperNinjaQueen, watercolour, justjess365, Nyx_of_Night, tinessaeel, willutakemehome,  ChristinaWasHere, and anyone else who showed some love for the good old TJH (yeah, we Googled his middle name, so what?).

Now we've got out our Hanksian rant for the day, allow us to present you with this week's clip, submitted by A_Lamp—and before you're all like, "LAME, IT'S JUST TWO GUYS SINGING WITTY, ENDEARING, SELF-LOATHING LYRICS," read this: IT'S ONE GUY SINGING ALL THAT STUFF. He just used the magic of video cameras and wizardry (how else could it be possible?) to DOUBLE HIMSELF. Harry Potter would be proud. And confused. Gawd, JUST WATCH IT.

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