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Winter Essentials: Curling Up with PINK for Inside Adventures

Winter Essentials: Curling Up with PINK for Inside Adventures

We didn't want to admit it on the internetz, but it's true, we have holes in our underwear. And while these holes were OK in the summer, it's getting chilly outside, which means it's time to bundle up—everywhere. To stock up on some patchless panties and snuggly winter essentials, the Sparkler Shoppers headed to Victoria Secret's Pink (what better place for us than a store currently full of shiny sequined items?). Here's what we found:

Faux Fur Bootie
We'll be keeping our toes (and legs!) warm this year with these unique slippers. Even if they remind us of Chewbacca, we think they'll be heaven in our under-heated SparkNotes office. Our favorite feature of these booties is their indoor/outdoor sole, which means we have no reason to remove them from our feet for the rest of the season. Do you guys think they'll look OK with our Christmas dresses?

Hooded Cardigan and Leggings
This little ensemble is perfect for all those days we just won't be in the mood to stuff ourselves into jeans (especially after the holidays, umm hello mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, and pecan pie). This preppy, stripped sweater buttons up the front, which makes it seem like it's not sloppy, but the best component is the functional hood to shield our faces from those ferocious winds.

Bling Zip Hoodie
Who said hoodies had to be manly? The sparkly pockets give this classic hoodie just the right feminine touch. We'll put some Sparkle (pun intended) in our otherwise grey-skied, dull existence and let our usual WISCONSIN FOOTBALL hoodies get some much-deserved R&R.

Long-Sleeve Tee & Legging PJ Gift Set
Matching PJs aren't just for nerds and babies anymore—they're for us, too! Just to show off our new duds, we plan on inviting all our girlfriends over for an old-fashioned sleepover complete with pizza, mani/pedis, and prank calls. We'll try and keep cheese, sauce, and our favorite OPI shade off our new fave PJs, but it might be hard considering our excitement. We're practically sh-sh-shaking.

Sequin Bustier Dress
In our humble opinion, New Year’s Eve is the most overrated holiday, but there is nothing overrated about this dress! It puts the “in” in "sequins." Its shimmery super-awesomeness is sure to make heads turn, which is good, because as a whole, the Sparkler Shoppers have gone on very few dates in 2010. Hope this dress brings us better luck in 2011. P.S. We also love the full tulle skirt. It makes of think of the 80s, but less ugly.

Terry Robe
Every homebody needs a robe to lounge in when transitioning from shower to couch. We're partial to the short length of this robe, because klutzy girls won’t trip over it when walking around, it can wear throughout the year, and we can show off our legs to our roommates/parents and make them jealous of how many squats we did this week.

3-piece Plaid PJ Set
It's not a real winter without a matching plaid set of pajamas. We plan on letting it all hang out in these drawstring bottoms. This outfit is perfect to wear Christmas Day when tearing open our presents—our parents will still think we're adorable (despite our angst and credit card bills). The best thing about this set? The I <3 Sleep eye mask.

Sleep Tee
It's important to maintain your sense of humor during the darkest months of the year. To combat our SADD, the Sparkler Shoppers wear funny shirts to cheer ourselves up. We like this “Wanna Make Out?” shirt. Should prove to be an interesting conversation starter with all the people we ride the elevator up with on our way to work. Again, another item to help with our 2011 dating life. Hey, it can't make it worse! Right? Right!

Knit Boxie
Of course, we can’t forget underwear. It was the reason we went to Pink! But we got distracted by all the other shiny stuff (mmmmm...sparkles!) Remember, it's just as important to remember to change your underwear during the winter. We hope these little guys will brighten up our day with their cute little colors and shorts shape.

What are your favorite kinds of stuff to lounge in? Do you like old ratty clothes or new lounge clothes to keep it fresh? The Sparkler Shoppers want to know!

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