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Interview With A Sparkler, Round "We're Laughing At You, Not With You."

Interview With A Sparkler, Round "We're Laughing At You, Not With You."

It's official: you guys are KILLING us. Yep, you're slowly murdering your favorite Sparkitors—by giving us LAUGH ATTACKS. It's true. We couldn't even get through one comment on last week's post without keeling over and guffawing so hard that our lungs practically squirted out our noses. Sure, it sounds gruesome, but giggling at your outrageously hilarious goof-ups ain't a bad way to bite the dust. And while we're on the topic of untimely deaths, let's shift to something completely unrelated: BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUTS!

loveharrypotter: November 17
wamaviangirl: November 16
sir gandalf dumbledore-kenobi: October 31
janeznam: November 23
4321HOOPLAsteph: July 31
julia112: November 1
cupcakemichi: December 17
snazztastic_sauce: November 10
rebelangel16: October 2
love_food_freak: November 9

{Insert_Witty_Username_Here}: November 19
dancecrazy16: November 4
prolife795’s brother: November 20
prolife795’s sister: November 26
prolife795’s dad AND brother-in-law: December 17

A good-lookin' bunch of birthday babies, to be sure—but their beauty pales in comparison to the exquisiteness of your answers to last week's question, "What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?"

DontWorryBeHappy:): My most embarrassing moment? When I was at a family function and the topic of short people came up. I, being stupid and trying to be funny, said, "they prefer being called 'vertically challenged'". An old lady that was there (she wasn't related to me by blood so I had never met her) says, "I had a cousin who was a midget. Don't make fun of people for attention." The entire room went silent. I was BURNED by a 98 year old. It took me a while to get over that...

dumdumwantsgumgum: hmmm... my most embarrassing was probably when i was smiling @ my crush, trying 2 flirt w/ him when i i think that's enough SHARING for now. don't you agree?

flyergirl13: My crush sat next to me and then during class gave me a note telling me he liked me and asking if I liked him. I wrote back that I did, but the teacher saw and read the whole thing out loud. Then, after class I found out that he had meant the note for my best friend. AHH!

IdealCards: Pulling my sister's boyfriend's trousers off by accident kinda killed me inside...

random_S_dancer: whew. that's a tough life is pretty much an big Embarassfest (like Oktoberfest, minus beer, sausage, and old men in leather shorts. and much more humiliating) besides, NOBODY can top elodie's no. 1 embarrassing moment. she PWNED embarrassment. and comedy. there's no way i could even hold a frackin' hilarity-candle up to that one, so...I REFUSE.
MUAHAHAHHAA. but, because i want avoid the wrath of Tha Dagger AT ALL COSTS, i guess i could cough up one...okay, here goes:
so i used to go to a Catholic private school, complete with ugly uniforms, and every wednesday, some select people from my eighth grade class had to get up in front of the entire school and read the bible verses for our school mass.

i never really got any parts (thank goodness) because the teachers didn't like me, but one day, i got picked. i wasn't very happy about it, because, not only was it long and full of old words, but that day i was feeling slightly sick and looked like CRAP. the navy-blue granny pants and baggy white polo didn't help much, either. and i had a HUGE crush on this certain boy...

so anyways, i sniffed up my runny nose the best i could and tried to clear my raspy throat. the problem was, since we always had this in our huge, freezing-cold gym, it was a long way to the podium thingand my balance was a bit off. so, of course as i tried to walk as attractively as possible, halfway up i noticed that my shoes were untied.

so, OF COURSE, just as i reached the podium, i HAD to trip over my own shoelace in front of the whole school. but that's not even where it ends! suprised by my fall, i inhaled deeply, and out of my nostrils came the loudest snort i had ever heard. I SNORTED. LIKE A PIG. seriously, God?
THEN, as i felt my cheeks start to turn red, i realized that the podium was falling forward. i squealed and tried to catch it, but only managed to make it crash onto my fingers. and i already felt like crying...

i'll omit the painful conclsion, but long story short, i ended up going home early that day. yeah.

T_Pierce: A few weeks back, I was "bonding" with my dorm-mates by watching one of those romantic comedies. Anyway we get to the really funny part and I start laughing, like really hard. I start running out of air, so I inhale and let loose a HUGE SNORT (seriously, it echoed). Dead silence fills the room, followed closely by everyone laughing at me.
Yeah, great "bonding."

mrs. cooper: *Deep breath* okay. This is what my therapist and I have been working on for the past four years. I can do it. I will tell you my most embarrassing moment. It was a dark and stormy night (it was actually during the day and the weather was fine, but it's my embarrassing story so I can say it HOWEVER I WANT.) I was ten years old, and somehow I got myself into a conversation with a bunch of high school freshmen boys. I guess they assumed I was older, because they started talking about the word that starts with p and ends with orn (and unfortunately it wasn't popcorn.) I had no idea what they were talking about, but I wanted to be cool so I kept my mouth shut. Later that evening, still curious as to what they were talking about, I decided to google it. That's right. I went on google and typed in porn. To this day I am still scarred.

ZacHansonFan: I've had plenty of embarassing moments, but the most recent involves my celebrity crush of 13 years whose name may or may not be in my username.
I was staking out Hanson's tour bus when Zac "the man of my dreams" Hanson waltzes out of the bus. I've sort of been... in love with him since I was five and he sort of... looked delicious in his leather jacket. He looked over at the three of us, smiled this absolutely gorgeous smile, waved, and said, "Hey, guys!" He continued smiling at us and I realized that I was making this face... Like, you know that face you make when you see something amazing and you just stare and nearly drool? THAT ONE. And then I just kind of waved a little and let out a weak little "Hey..." Yeah. Ooops. He looked at me weird. It's a lot worse if you imagine doing that to a celebrity you've been in love with for over a decade. And don't get me started on the time I tripped over caution tape in front of him...
Ooops. That was long.

Ney_Ney92: One time my family and I were driving in the car through a bad neighborhood. I noticed a yellowjacket in the back and shrieked, "There's something in the blanket back here!" (I have yet to figure out why there was a random blanket in the car during July. Anyway) None of us are allergic to bee-stings, but for some reason, my dad pulled the car over into some random front yard, and we all jumped out. He grabbed the blanket and threw it outside. Then my mom snatched the ghost story book my sister was reading and started violently beating the blanket. The bee flew out towards us. We all took off, running like the wind around this random person's frontyard, each of us taking turns swinging the book dangerously through the air. Then, the family came outside. They just looked at us. We were like, "Er, there was a bee in our car..." then we jumped back into the car and drove off.

SyedaW: most embarasing? hmmmmmmm.... let's just say that I reallyyy had to go. And I didn't make it. *hides in cave*

hubbabubba515: My most embarassing moment, alas? Let me count the times-
oh, there are so many. Maybe the time I began laughing hysterically during a music presentation and was forced to sit down while all my team members glared at me. Maybe the time during first grade when the teacher announced we were not doing kickball and when I shouted 'YES' in triumph, a glob of spit the size of a quarter flew all the way across the gym, as everybody stared at it in horror. Oddly enough, the time I randomly came to school dressed as Wednesday Addams in full-blown emo makeup, black tights, and black skirt, and nobody knew who I was, wasn't that embrassing. It was just amusing. Or maybe the t-
How about the time I accidentally was forced to ski down THE BLACK DIAMOND, even thought I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO SKI, and I failed so epically that they had to SHUT DOWN THE SKI LIFT so I could get down safely, and everybody at the ski range was STARING AT ME?!
yeah, that time. FML

opinionatedlg: I'm sorry, but everyone involved has forced me to sign a KGB style non-disclosure agreement. Let me tell you this: it involves my academic rivals' mother, my old English teacher, cats, pants, and a field trip. Good times.

EdibleEmily: First of all, I should say that it wouldn't have happened if e-mails had an "are you sure you want to send this e-mail to...?" warning before they send my long winded rant about my crush meant for my best friend back to my crush.
It was four years ago when I was ten years old and I had one of those borderline-obsessive crushes on a guy I will call Romulus. Romulus was really nice and we were fairly good friends. I had to do a 15-30 minute presentation in front of the class and I was really nervous at the end. Romulus e-mailed me later that day telling me that he thought that I did really well and I meant to forward it to my best friend... we'll call her Noelle... along with a two paragraph-long rant about how maybe it meant that he liked me and how happy I was... But I didn't realize that I had accidentally sent a reply back to Romulus. and he read the long rant. I was mortified.

Ilera: Oh god no. I don't want to talk about this. I already had to deal with the trial and the fines and the disbelieving stares, I can't handle it again. It--it was just--the plastic palm tree and the pit bull and--the Kool Aid was EVERYWHERE--the sponges were flying, and there I was in the middle with nothing on but a surprised expression and a Miss America sash--oh, that poor cat--and the thumb tacks, oh god all those thumb tacks! And then that crate of snakes was loosed, and how should I have known that the First Lady was deathly afraid of all reptiles? And then the owls arrived and got feathers everywhere, one bit me on the--well, it wasn't pleasant, let me tell you, and Mr. Schwarzenegger didn't look very pleased either--and then I realized I hadn't called off the finale and that's when it got really terrible, refried beans on every surface, and then the tasmanian devils arrived carrying the palanquin bearing the Mongolian clown...
All in all, not one of my better Arbor Days.

KellyLovesSparkNotes: Last year, I went on my summer holidays with my family and a friend of mine. One day we decided to go to an amusement park. On our way to a ride there was a really big crowd so I decided to link arms with my friend. When I looked at him, it turned out he wasn't my friend but rather in fact a guy that was at least in his forties. I dropped his arm, squeaked out sorry and ran. My family still teases me about it...

biblomaniac27: Another really embarrassing moment was when I was at the doctor a few years ago because I was sick and the nurse started asking me some questions. So she finally gets down to the good stuff, "are you doing drugs?", "are you drinking alcohol?" and of course I say no, so she moves on to another question that she says she wants to whisper in my ear. So she leaned over and whispers something into my ear that I couldn't understand, so I asked her to repeat it and she whispers something I can't understand again! I finally decided, with all my 9 year old wisdom, that she was fake whispering in my ear to make it seem as if we had a secret my dad didn't know, so I said yes. I look up, and my dad is sitting there mortified and the nurse is looking concerned so I asked her what was wrong. It turns out SHE WAS ASKING ME IF I WAS SEXUALLY ACTIVE!!!!! I quickly changed my answer to no, but my dad has told almost everyone I know!!!!

InsaneRunningKid: Okay, I was at my best friend's house and we were playing Life on the back deck (I was 9, alright?!). So I was madly in love with her older brother, who was 14 at the time. So he came outside to ask us if we wanted to see his remote controlled helicopter, and I, being the lovesick innocent child I was, jumped up immediately. I envisioned his invitation as a coy way of asking me on a date, after which we would be married and live happily ever after with 5.9 children. Being thus distracted, I didn't notice that the bottom of my soccer shorts were caught on a nail on the planks of the deck, and when I stood up, he had a totally awesome front row view of my Pink Panther (the cartoon) undies. And yes, there is such a thing. It was absolutely mortifying moment I have EVER experienced. He's 19 now, and STILL remembers it. FML.

justjess365: I have no embarrassing moments because I am awesome, but IF I were to have a moment out of the ordinary that belayed that by some odd time warp-space change anomaly, which is of course, impossible, so no worries, I would say it would be something like this:
My Friend: "Wanna hear the funniest joke ever?"
Me: " Of course! Just let me grab a giant cup of suicide to take with me on the way out first."
My Friend: "Wha-aa?"
Me: "Suicide, you know, when you mix all the drinks form the soda fountain and juice bar into one cup? Like everybody does, right?"
My Friend: " I've never heard of that and it sounds disgusting, but whatever...Anyway, So this priest, pastor, and rabbi were talking about when life begins and.."
Me: *begins taking giant gulps of said suicide mix*
My Friend: " The priest claimed it was at conception,
( ed. note, I almost typed Inception, my mind is still blown after the dollar theater trip)
the rabbi claimed life began at birth, and..."
Me: *Ginormous amount of fluid inhaled into mouth cavity at this point*
My Friend: "...and the pastor said that Life began when the kids moved out and the dog died!! Haha!"
Me: * begins to laugh forgetting that the mouth cavity is full of suicide mix, and sprays said mix into friend's hair...*
My Friend: "Umm..."
My Friend: "A Napkin would be great thanks, *awkward smile* at least you liked my joke."
Me: "Yeah, and now at least you've had a shower!"
* awkward silent pause*
Me: *Facepalm*
...yeah so that would totally never happen to me because I'm too awesome for it, but IF the fates aligned appropriately and something Were to occur, it might be something like that. yeah...
*slurps suicide awkwardly*

A.K.A101: oh boy...I actually repressed this cus it was so bad. I was in 8th grade english (Which conatined the pervyist boys in the school) and bored out of my mind. My friend sat across the room from me and would always stare me down so I decided to turn my book into a pair of binoculars. I put them up to my eyes and everyone started laughing. After a few mintues I realized that between the two eye holes the was a chunk of pages (Draw 2 circles and a line between them farther down and you'll get it).So I pretty much put a model of a guys junk up to my face. And for the rest of the year guys would do the same thing with their books when I walked into the classroom.
It's been two years and I still haven't lived it down.

accio_doublestuff: Dear Chelsea,
My most embarrassing moment occurred when I found out that my post was chosen this week. The noise that came out of my mouth when I saw it can only be described as the noise that a Girippo (Giraffe/ Hippo) would make as a Rhino Hawk attempted to eat it. My family wanted to have me committed to the local psych ward after they heard what now is only referred to as The Noise *cue malicious laughter and thunder claps* I have been deemed a failure at life.
You Are My Life Now,

shinyninja: I don't have any embarassing moments. What? I don't know how this is possible. Maybe I should just make something up...Umm...trees and and and *awkward pause in which sparkler looks around confused* something? *sparkler loses her humanity with dejection*

amazinggrace7: One time, when I was little, I asked mum to pass something at the dinner table. She asked what the magic word was, and I shouted out ABRACADABRA!!! Yeah, not the word she was looking for.

xXx_lola_xXx: My most embarrassing moment? You really want to know? Well...
What? You didn't hear me?
My god, do I have to say it a million times? You are deaf!
*shouts* MY SHIRT WAS A LITTLE MORE TRANSPARENT THAN I THOUGHT AND PEOPLE MADE FUN OF ME NOT WEARING A BRA. Of course, this was about 4 years ago so it's not like I needed to worry about that. But it was embarrassing.
Happy? I revealed my most embarrassing moment. *cries*
So, good luck with whatever you were talking about and I hope that you and Voldemort live happily ever after, because me? I will never be happy again. Now, I'm going to crawl into my sock drawer and sleep for days.

runxbabyxrun: Umm I accidently called the guy I liked my dad when he called on the house phone...I don't have caller i.d.
- Heyy Sarah
- Oh hey dad! Can you get me some pamprin? My cramps are BRUTAL
- Umm this is (crush's name).

princesscat_A: My AP Environmental Science teacher teases me all the time. So one day in his class, my gum got stuck in my hair(I don't know how, it just did). He came up behind be and I spun around with a paper towel smooched on my hair. My friend came in and we asked to go to the bathroom together(I have no clue what was running through his head at the moment). When I was in the bathroom, my friend had to go all the way back to his room to get scissors to cut the gum out of my hair. So embarressing. :O

Amarantha93: my most embarrasing moment. It was my birthday, so I got to pick where we ate. I picked Hooters 'cause I liked an oyster thing that they had. My sister told the waitress that it was my birthday. I'm thinking, "No big deal. Maybe I'll get a cake." No. No cake for me.
The waitresses all got together. Then they hit some bowls together to make a lot of noise. Once they had the attention of everyone eating there, they announced that it was my 10th birthday. Then I had to stand on a chair. And shake my butt in front of everyone there while they sang "Happy Birthday." If I stopped, they would start over.
words of advice: never go to Hooters on your burthday. ever.

muffinsarejustbetter: Actually, you know what? I lied. Comment 55 is most definitely not an accurate representation of my most embarrassing moment. This will be.
Say you happened to be chosen out of thousands of other kids to compete on a nationally televised popular quiz game show.
Say you were totally cool, confident, and... hand-tremblingly, pants-wettingly, most definitely NERVE-WRACKED.
Say the first clue you decided to ring in and respond to was easy enough. Category was "Continents and the clue was "Early explorers called parts of this continent Vinland."
And let's just say you happened to ring in first.
The host calls your name, and you respond, "What is Greenland?"
No. No, it's not. Of course not.
(And in case you care, the correct response was "What is North America?" Duh.)

pollysmiles101: Kindergarten. I wanted to finish this computer game that I had never beaten before and I was SO CLOSE. But the bell was gonna ring soon. And I had to pee. Really bad.
But I wanted to finish the game before the bell rang.
So... instead of getting up and going to the bathroom... I finished the game! And peed in my pants. Not fun...

Spectacles_Not_Glasses: I have so many embarrassing moments but the one I remember right now is from 9th grade It. Was. Horrifying.
and since I know no one here personally and no one knows me here personally (hopefully) I will tell
It was a dark stormy day (well slightly overcast) and my french teacher took us Christmas carolling around school, I was having fun until Aunt Flo came and left a Christmas present. On my jeans. And a couple of female upperclassmen told me about it. After the caroling. I left home early. I was singing around school with that on my jeans *hides inside closet and cries*

Hopeypoo:): Hmm... Does existing count? Because my klutziness and lack of thinking before I speak and talk has put me in too many situations to list.
Although my favorite embarrassing moment has to be my scene in the spring musical last year when I fell out of the wheelbarrow. I was in a scene (my only speaking part!) where it was added in at the last minute that I would climb into a large wheelbarrow filled with letters. Everyone who saw it said the fall looked planned, but I now owe the lead actress my life and I hate wheelbarrows.

twinkletoes_23: Oh, boy! I have TWO!
1. While watching A Walk To Remember (at 2am) I fell asleep, and said someone's name. In my sleep. And then everyone told him! It was grand.
2. Fast forward six months, and I'm on a training trip with my swim team, and we're playing truth or dare. I was dared to pop lock and drop it for the same fellow from the previous story.
And now he hates me! Go figure.

dobbyssock: Let's just say they didn't appreciate the footy PJ's, and the fact I was covered in magic marker tattoos didn't make the stuffed lemur any better. I refuse to go into further detail, if I do I may have a medical emergency. I will, however, conclude by saying that he changed his mind about asking me to homecoming AFTER reading my paper about the nonexistence of Canada. Last time my friends get the house key.

Helena3191: I was at the homecoming game with my marching band and the game was wrapping up. I try to walk across the stands to talk to someone in drumline and some girl left a big silver purse on the stands that just so happened to blend in. My foot slips on it and I go crashing down my upper thigh collides with the corner of the stands and I had to take the full impact on my hand in order to save my face. As I'm lying there, stunned and in severe pain, I hear a few gasps and hope that this will be a private moment of intense embarrassment until I look up and see the ENTIRE marching band staring at me. None of them can decide to laugh of ask if I'm ok until our band director who was a row up screams "DON'T CROSS ME AGAIN!" and everyone bursts into laughter.

sundae.mourning: I puked on my friend and myself.
On a completely unrelated note, I can fit my fist in my mouth. I'm so classy.

NarniaSparks: Well, this summer, I was dancing with my friends, trying to impress them with a new dance move I'd learned, but then I fell. And dislocated my shoulder.
Lesson of that story is: Don't do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics/physical therapist.

nightshade5509: My life is a series of awkward moments that might potentially be embarrassing if I had any dignity. So, um, yeah.

secretlylookingatyou: I love reading people's embarrassing moments so much that I'm incredibly well-protected from having any of my own. Me and my friend made an observation about the embarrassing moments in those girl-magazines - approximately 88% percent of the time a group of guys is witnessing the shameful event.
They just walk around, watching girls do embarrassing things. Nobody's sure how they get there - they are just THERE. On a completely unrelated note, did you know 62% of statistics are completely made up? Shocking, isn't it. I, for one, would never do something so dishonest.

MyGirlfriendKicksMyArse: My girlfriend's spanish and I was at her house eating dinner and I asked one of her brothers how to say 'The food was really good' in spanish...and he told me 'The food tastes like *excrements*' rather than what I had asked...and I accidentally said that to my girlfriend's mum.

SoccerGurl312: Oh gosh sadly i am prepared for this.
You see it was at the Air and Space museum, I had just gotten done reading about spacesuits thinking about how short the astronauts were. There was this guy bending down reading another exhibit. Like many of the guys his underwear was up above his pants and he had stuck a brochure in it. Sadly to my convoluted, imagination I thought he looked like my father. I quickly walk over there, stick my hand into his underwear, grab the brochure and say "What the heck dad!" He turns around slowly, and all i said was " You're not my dad." After hurried apologies i run over to my mother and quietly yell " We have to leave NOW!" yup didnt happen I still had to keep on reading about rockets.....

katiekapow101: Ugh, what's up with all the self-reflective questions, Chelsea? Maybe I don't want to reveal my most embarrassing moment because it will cause the END OF THE WORLD when I do. So. Unless you want to, y'know, BE DEAD, I'd better not answer.
But really, I can't think of a most embarrassing moment, because there have been SO. MANY.

minuet_in_g: well, my most embarrassing moment happened this friday. at knowledge bowl practice, there was a mythology question that had to do with hippogriffs. i had always thought j.k. rowling came up with the idea of hippogriffs herself, but apparently it came from mythology. anyway, i meant to ask "j.k. rowling didn't make that up?", but what came out of my mouth was: "are hippogriffs real?" everyone pretty much lost it and one of my coaches gave me the weirdest look, like "did the team captain seriously just say that?" hopefully they haven't fired me as captain yet, but we'll see.

blacktophat: So. Um. This one time.
...Actually, screw this. I am not baring my deepest, darkest secrets to you. YOU GUYS ARE CREEPERS. CREEPERS I SAY.

Denisey94: well... yesterday I was walking home from school carrying my pumpkin, which is carved verily prettily like a cat, so I was carrying kitteh pumpkin and an old lady stops me and says "your pussy is orange!"... that is the most embarrassing thing I can think of at the moment.

neomaxizoomdwbi: I tried on jeans in a dressing room, and when I finished, I opened the door to a bunch of hot, older guys. They all began to stare at my legs, so I looked down. Guess who forgot to put her own jeans back on? I accidently showed a bunch of guys my undies. To try and fix the situation, I ran back into the dressing room, put my jeans back on, and walk away like nothing had happened. Just as I was leaving, and it all seemed like it was going to work, they began to clap. And whistle. Every. Single. One of them.

sugary_sarcasm: I've had several. All involve animals chasing me. Needless to say, I hate all goats, peacocks, geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and any other form of animal life that is found in a petting zoo. I hate petting zoos.
Also, my parents and my sister find all of these moments to be hilarious so they have photographic evidence of EVERY. LAST. ONE.

GinnyPotter1: *Unrated*
First of all, you have to know that I'm a math geek.
Now that we have that out of the way, I had a crush on another math geek. And there was a dance coming up. Well,... let's call him Mason, told some of his friends he was going to ask me that afternoon at school. And so when he wa;lked up to my locker, the whle school followed him. We were both a nervous wreck (I knew he was gonna ask me). There were so many people watching us. He asked...and I fainted. Seriously. Not cause he asked me, like everyone thought, but because there were so many people and I'm kinda claustrophobic. I came to, and everyone was laughing at me. =( It wasreally sad.

greenflamingo00: Um . . . I think the most embarrassing thing about me is the fact that I don't have anything embarrassing enough to picked for Interview with a Sparkler. I'm going to go run around naked. Or something.

travelgirl53: My most embarassing moment is that I cannot spell embarrasing.

shannonmary6: Might as well...I went to a buffet on my very first date (needless to say I was super nervous). Towards the end of the night I got up to get some delicious frozen yogurt from what I did not know at the time was the evil, duplicitous, frozen yogurt machine. I grabbed a cone and lifted the handed on the machine, and when the cone was adequately filled to my frozen yogurt standards, I tried to push the handle back down. Tried. The handle would NOT budge. It was like a TV show where the comical protagonist has to find a way to siphon the continuous flow of substance, only not funny at all because I was in a public place and everybody was watching. After continuing that way for several minutes my date finally came over and unplugged the machine. I haven't been back the that buffet, though I heard they fixed the machine.

amanda_bear23: My life is just one big, on-going, embarrassing, awkward moment.

michaelgjs: embarrassing moment is where i can relate to these embarrassing moments i read above.....
if you want me to be more specific please read ALL of the above

colormyworldxo: My most embarrassing moment? I walked into a door on my first day of freshman year. Not even a real door; it was a very realistic mural of a slightly open door painted right next to the art room's ACTUAL door. I'm not sure what was worse: The nosebleed that shortly followed, or the number of witnesses.

Alice1292: I was 16. And as a 'senior' (year 11 and 12 in Australia) we had to wear these pleated skirts as our uniform that, because of my big hips made me look like I had stolen the tent that belongs to the Russian Circus. Anyway, I was walking in said tent back from the toilet to my group of friends when suddenly I hear peals of laughter behind me. I decide to ignore it until a small breeze hits me, but my skirt does not hit my leg. I look down to see that the entire bottom half of my skirt is neatly tucked into the bottom of my underwear, exposing the underside of my backside. Besides the fact that I have fully built thighs, do you want to know what makes it worse? I was in a rush that morning, so I only shaved the bottom half of my legs...

Snow_Wolf27: My most embarrassing moment? Oh gosh... 3rd grade story time!
When I was much younger (not really, only 5 years ago) my teacher got pet snakes for our classroom. We would feed them one day, and hold them the next day. We couldn't hold them right after feeding them because our teacher told us that they are very sensitive after eating, and they may use the restroom on us. Well, it was holding day, and as the biggest of the 3 snakes (I think his name was Bob, but I might be mistaken) went down the rows, I was anxiously waiting to hold him. Finally he got to me, and after trying to slither into my desk, presumably to eat something or maybe cheat off of my spelling test, how rude Bob, he decided that for not letting him enter, he would use the restroom all over my clean, new jeans (which are still my favorites after all these years, and have since been turned into a purse) I was so embarassed! I had to run off to the nurses office and wear a pair of huge, unflattering, uncomfortable sweatpants that wouldn't stay on. I was stuck holding up my pants in a very awkward way for the rest of the day. :\

Oh god...we feel another laugh attack coming on...but before we fall face-down into a puddle of our own brains, we'll give you next week's question:

What's your favorite quote of all time?

Whether your quote is from a book, a song, a friend, or Dan Bergstein, we want to see it! Put your answer in the comments, and it might get published next week!

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Since 2010, Chelsea Dagger (known in real life as Chelsea Aaron) has been SparkLife's sweatiest editor. She's currently working on a how-to-kiss guide for teens, and when she's not conducting smooch-related research on her life-size Joseph Gordon-Levitt cardboard cutout, she's eating pancakes, stocking up on industrial-strength deodorant, and destroying everyone at Harry Potter trivia. (EXPECTO PATRONUM!)

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