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Percy Jackson Vs. Harry Potter

Percy Jackson Vs. Harry Potter

In her last post, friendlydragonette pitted Star Wars against Lord of the Rings. This time around, it's the Boy Wizard against the Lightning Thief—who ya gonna choose?—Sparkitors

Do you remember last time? Well, that was nothing compared to this. To prepare for the epic smack-down that's about to occur, you'll need a blast shield, a helmet, that friend that isn't really your friend, and your favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Blubbers. I'm about to force Harry Potter and Percy Jackson into a metaphorical cage match, and you're going to watch. So get ready (and use that sort-of friend as a human shield): The Boy Who Lived is facing off against The Son of the Sea God.

The Kid Who Saved The World—Again! Both heroes begin with relatively little training, but each quickly becomes an amazing fighter/a master of his craft. When it comes to weapons, Percy's got Anaklusmos, a three-foot sword made of AWESOMENESS and celestial bronze, and Harry's got a wicked wand of holly, with a phoenix feather core. Percy and Harry's most selfless trait is also their greatest weakness: they've got a "saving-people-thing," as Hermione puts it.

Girls Who Are Smarter Than Me And Kick Butt: Hermione "Danger" Granger and Annabeth "Make-Things-Go-Boom" Chase are my role models.  They use their wits to make everyone who opposes them look stupid,   they help their men with timely advice, and they say amazing things like "no more love magic for you," and "seaweed brain."

Adorable Dorks: Grover Underwood and Ronald Weasley are 10% geek and 90% stud.  Grover's woodland magic and Ron's wand skills are somewhat lacking, but their humor and loyalty make them the perfect sidekicks. Plus, they provide slapstick comedy, and each one rocks his own look (Weasley sweaters and "Got Hooves?" tees, anyone?).

Gettin' Schooled: Hogwarts is pretty awesome, but it doesn't have a pegasi stable. Camp Half Blood rocks, but it doesn't have moving staircases. And Dumbledore and Chiron are amazing, but they both have their flaws; Dumbledore didn't last forever, and Chiron is only hum... I mean, centaur.

He's So Cute, I Could Just Eat Him Up: Dobby and Tyson are so sweet and innocent, it hurts. Is it unfair to compare Dobby to someone three times his size? Maybe. But it's also unfair to compare Tyson to someone with twice the eye-power.  Both characters are famous for giving us just what we need just when we need it.

Writing Skillz: HP and PJ grow steadily darker as the plot progresses. The difference? Percy Jackson made me roar with laughter, while Harry Potter made me bawl like a baby every other chapter.

SO?? Who's it going to be?

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