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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

This is a pic of Raoul's pup Molly—and we think she looks just like an adorable little Ewok. Well, sort of. It's kind of a stretch. JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION. You sure used it last week when you sent some of the most hilarious comments we've ever seen—take a look for yourself:

ChangminsBabyGirl: "And then Fred died." ...WHAT?! *rips up book* J.K.Rowling, how could you do this to meeeeeeeee?

sgtpepper191: "I hope you didn't want to reread the part where Dobby dies, because I peed on that page...."

DontWorryBeHappy:): You think YOU'RE a Harry Potter fan? Ha! I'm the president of the QFHP (Quadrupeds For Harry Potter) international fan club. I have Sirius on speed dial.

flyergirl13: The actor playing Harry in the new movie "Harry goes to Dogwarts" looks over his many lines.

willutakemehome: ...They named their son HUGO?! At least it wasn't Renesme!

Emily_Jeanette: "Hedwig died? What? But she's still at my feet! Hedwig? Speak to me, Hedwig! Nooooooo!!!!"

xanyxeny: Why? Why does she kill off all the dogs?!? Fluffy never came back, Sirius is gone, now Lupin! What's next? Fenrir and Fang?!

mega_mega9: Sirius Black: The Reincarnation

SeptembreRea: "This is a perfect showcase of what SparkNotes can do to your dog."

Superhero001: "No one had the heart to tell Sirius's girlfriend that he wasn't actually in the seventh book."

synchrogirl117: Ozma: No, really! I AM Harry Potter! See, this one time I defeated Darth- I mean Lord- um.... *checks book* VOLDEMORT! It was epic, I'm tellin' ya! synchrogirl117

~too~: Dobby? DOBBY?!

Dreamerlily: And so, dressed as his godson, Sirius continued reading Harry's adventures after his "death"

justjess365: "Hmmm, the spark-notes summaries 'sparked' my interest in this attractive character, his scar reminds me of something "paw-"iful..."

qooqooquail: I'm a serious Harry Potter fan. And you just happen to drive by the moment I read about Hedwig's Death. I FREAK OUT. In my agony I hurl my 700 page tome through the air, and it crashes through your windshield. Your cut-rate insurance may not pay for that. So get AllState, which protects you from Mayhem, like me.

muffinsarejustbetter: Your fangirling ain't got nothin' on this.

Becky<3Bazil: 'What have you got next?'
 'Obedience Training, what about you?'

'Defense against the Dark Arts.'

Cougrl12: And you thought teaching your dog to roll over was impressive...

Nyx_of_Night: (to the owl) Sorry die.

And our favorite caption from last week, by gravity no longer applies:

If you've got an awww-dorable photo to share, send it to caaron[at]—you might see it posted as Cute Thing of the Week!

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