Life According to Ginger: Fall Break Realizations

Life According to Ginger: Fall Break Realizations

I’ve decided that I like my college. Yes, I know I should have decided this a long time ago. Yes, I know I probably should have thought of that before I gave them all my money. And maybe I should have expressed my (insignificant) doubts to my parents. But no matter! I love my school, and it took a week-long fall break after midterms to realize this. I actually got homesick. That’s right. Not only did I find myself referring to my (tastefully decorated, yet sweltering) dorm room as home, but I missed it terribly and felt out of place in my (not so tastefully decorated) hometown.

As much as I enjoyed visiting old teachers (shout-out to my faves: Pam, Deb, Judd, David, Chris, and Doug), walking into the old high school building was pretty much repulsive. I don’t know if anyone hated high school as much as I did (if that’s even possible), but I really like how college is different in almost EVERY aspect. From bathroom cleanliness (there is some clever/obscene/nerdy/pornographic graffiti in our library bathroom), to the social scene, (nerds can be adorable, and there are plenty of nerds to go around) college pretty much blows high school out of the water. In my case, at least.

Also, If you happened to read this post a while back, you’ll know that I’m bisexual. I’m ok with it, my friends from high school were MOSTLY ok with it … my parents—almost, but not quite. My (very small, very conservative) hometown, if the knowledge were to be made public, would probably be even less ok with it. Therefore, I chose a ridiculously liberal college. To clarify, we’re practically our own, admittedly small, socialist nation, and our LGBT center has no fewer than 10 school-funded groups. In other words, when I “come out” to people here, they simply don’t care much, which is absolutely wonderful. If anybody knows what it’s like to be in the closet, you’ll understand me when I say that I can be myself here. I don’t have to censor myself, like I do back in Nothingtown. I even get considerably more support from my college friends, who I’ve known for two months, than I did from my high school friends, who I'd known for years.

Not everyone I know is happy with his/her college. I have a friend from high school who absolutely detests her college (for many reasons), and will be transferring next year. She simply made the wrong choice, and now will have to go to Nothingtown’s community college next semester until she goes to a state school. I don’t want to speak for her, but I don’t think she minds that much. She (unlike me) has no issues with her parents, and she (unlike me) has no desperate need for a change in scenery. So it all works out, even if there’s no fairytale ending. And as horribly clichéd as it is, that’s what I consider my school to be.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: And the clichés just keep coming! You might know this song from however many commercials it’s in now. But I like it a lot.

How did you feel when you went home for fall break?

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