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What Your Favorite Punctuation Mark Says About You, Part II

What Your Favorite Punctuation Mark Says About You, Part II

Has anyone ever investigated the depth and breadth of humanity's favorite punctuation marks as thoroughly as flyergirl13? No. Never ever. This is true dedication.—Sparkitors

Upon reading the comments for my last post, I discovered something that left me shocked and ashamed. I had forgotten to include several important punctuation marks! I couldn't leave Sparklers in a fog of bewilderment about their personalities, so after endless toil, two cupcakes, and one procrastinated APUSH outline, I have written a Part Two for those of you stumbling around in a forest of uncertainty, bumping into trees.

Quotation Marks (" ")
You talk so much, your friends often fall on their knees and beg you to stop or their ears will explode. But you are also their motivational friend, encouraging everyone with a stream of never-ending inspirational quotes. This makes people either want to hug you or punch you (often both). You do that annoying air-quote thing with your fingers. Your favorite unit of measurement is inches, even if you live in a metric country. Your dream vacation is to the library.

Parentheses  (())
You are best friends with people whose favorite punctuation mark is a colon. You only have two emotional settings: smiley and frowny. You are an ace at math, and your favorite part is order of operations, because YOU come first! You are never lonely, and you are never seen without at least one other person. You want to have lots of kids someday. Your dream job is a stay-at-home mom/dad.

Hyphen (-)
You talk faster than a Tesla Roadster can drive, and can go from 0 to 60 words per minute in 3.267 seconds. You also like to make up words by just sticking a bunch together, like "hippo-eating-chicken-soup-on-the-beach." Your worst enemy is someone who likes the colon, because you guys are always competing. You like high-fives, but fist bumps annoy you. Cheese tastes good. Your dream superpower is to have an eye on the end of your finger.

Semicolon (;)
You enjoy the best of both worlds. You like to be hyper and have fun, but sometimes you love quiet alone time. Your life is almost like a constant Yin-Yang. You love para-skiing, reading comic book forms of classic novels, and traveling on intergalactic missions to Pigfarts (thanks wickedchick825!).

Ellipsis (...)
I am not licensed to describe this one, because I had to Google "ellipsis" after I read it to see what it was. But you're probably that dreamy kid who stares out the window and thinks of waffles and s'mores and re-runs on TV... Your favorite pastime is falling asleep while playing boxing on the Wii against your second cousin, twice removed (the exclamation mark). You love to fly kites. You enjoy singing, and you wish that you were on Glee (thanks AlygirlRockz16!).

Ampersand (&)
You're in the same boat as the octothorpe people. You hate math, but love English. You like dirty laundry and the beach. You are musically talented, because the & symbol looks sort of like the treble clef (don't yell at me, music people—they're both loopy and swirly!). You use acronyms and text-speak when you talk. OMG, LOL! You like to sit down, but you hate lying down because you're scared of the bogeyman. Your dream ice cream flavor is Sardine Delight.

That Squiggly Thing (~)
I found this squiggle on my keyboard, and I'm kind of in love with it, despite not knowing its name. I could Google it, but I'm too lazy, so I have named it Squiggler. (I now know it's a tilde, but I'm going to call it Squiggler because it's such a better name.) If you like Squiggler, you are a loner. Instead of taking the path less traveled, you choose the one that has the most twisty turns in it. You get lost very easily. You got lost on your way to the kitchen to have breakfast this morning. Your favorite letter is S and your least favorite is I. Your dream dream is a dream of winning the lottery.

Slashes (/ \)
I'm not really sure what these are used for, except in annoyingly long URLs and in the names of complicated jobs ("I'm a wizard/Jedi/billionaire/ninja"). Slash people will make great storekeepers but horrible politicians, because everyone knows the thing that politicians are worst at is slashing taxes and spending. You like to write in italics, and you might be left-handed. You also might be right-handed, but it's definitely one or the other. You like skateboarding and loud music. You join lots of those Facebook fan pages. You would make a good lumberjack, but you're scared of Paul Bunyan. You like canyons more than mountains. Your dream house is a tepee.

Carats (< > ^ v)
You have an excellent sense of direction. You have a road map inside your brain, with options like "zoom" and "street view" that remind you suspiciously of Google Maps, and you wonder if they stole the idea from you. You type so quickly that you often forget letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages. You are fairly well-organized, but there is always something left over that doesn't fit into any of the organizing categories and ends up lying on the floor or crushed at the bottom of your backpack. You love math. Your favorite flower is a rose. You use arrows instead of hyphens because they are prettier. Your dream teacher is a pirate.

Did I miss any this time? I tried to get them all, so there would be no Sparklers left wandering in that forest of uncertainty, where a werewolf might eat them (and they would be so befuddled they wouldn't even care). We can't have that happen!

How accurate is your description? Are there any outliers? Is someone going to bring up euro signs or something?

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Now that you know your favorite punctuation mark, write a post for SparkLife that has like a million of them in it! (Not really, though.)

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