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How to Dress Like... River Tam from Firefly

How to Dress Like... River Tam from Firefly

Halloween is coming up. Maybe you want to be River Tam from Firefly for the special occasion, or maybe you want to wear flowing dresses and clunky boots while donning unwashed hair every day. Here's how to pull off the look of everyone's favorite mind-reading space traveler.

Do wear floaty, floaty dresses. They're good for dancing.

Don't be so busy dancing you get kidnapped and almost burned at the stake.

Do wear sleeves you can hide a badger in.

Don't actually hide a badger in them—they scratch like you wouldn't believe. Er, so I've heard.

Do pretty prints, strong colors and rich textures. We don't know where River shops, considering she's crazy and lives in space, but we want to go there!

Don't be afraid to just drape yourself in bits of pretty fabric that aren't exactly clothes! A random sleeve, a skirt apparently made out of other skirts, and you'll be all set!

Do show everyone you mean business (from the calf down, at least) by wearing huge-a** combat boots.

Don't skimp on the boots. Seriously. You never know when you'll have to kick a space zombie in the face.

We were kidding about the unwashed hair.

What do you like about River Tam's style?

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