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Nerdmance—It's Romance, For Nerds!

Nerdmance—It's Romance, For Nerds!

dramaKTO shares the secret to winning the nerd of your dreams! —Sparkitors

For most people, flirting consists of batting a few eyelashes, smizing (thanks, Tyra), and a doling out well-timed hugs here and there. But for those saucy individuals known as NERDS, romance can be a little trickier. If you happen to be of the nerd persuasion, and you find yourself besotted with a like-minded (read: equally brilliant) guy or girl, then read my class-by-class guide. Soon enough, that heap of brains sent from the heavens will be all yours!

Math class: There you two potential love birds sit, learning about fractions with grins on your faces; most people find math LOATHSOME, but luckily for you two, it's a breeze. You're required to do a partner test on numerators and denominators, and you want to break the ice by telling a joke. But what to say? Try this: Did you know that 4/3 people have trouble with fractions? If s/he catches on, you'll share a laugh, and later, a life together (okay, that may have been an overstatement). If your crush doesn't get your sense of humor, tell the joke to your math teacher; you might get a couple extra bonus points from an appreciative fellow geek.

Physics: You're learning about Newton's laws of motion, and you happen to be in a group with the object of your affection. As the other group members gab away about gravity, you turn to your crush and jokingly say, "I think opposite forces definitely attract, don't you?" Hopefully, this will bring a smirk to his or her face. But if it results in an awkward silence, just console yourself by pretending that it's an awkward silence of LOVE.

English: You've been assigned to write an English sonnet about a topic of your choosing; a dauting task, but lucky for you, Billy Shakespeare happens to be a close friend of yours. Get bold and write about your crush (without naming her, of course). Chances are, most people in your class won't understand what the heck you're saying anyway, so there's no need to fear public humiliation. Make it wordy, make it comical, make it pulchritudinous; you'll definitely get a good grade on it, and your crush will feel flattered you wrote about him.  

History: The endless studying required for this class is a plus for nerdmancers; while most people stab at their AP Euro textbook with a dull spoon, you cuddle it. Why? Because you're going to set up study sessions with your crush, ensuring that you spend an hour or two each week gazing into each other's eyes (and memorizing Martin Luther's 95 Theses). Not only will you get to brush up on important deets, but you'll make some history of your own. (GET IT?)

Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you maneuver your way into a dorky love affair for the ages. Keep it geeky, keep it real, and get your nerdmance on, Sparklers!

dramaKTO wants to give a special shout out to her BFF Sammi for helping her with this post—HI SAMMI!!

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