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Halloween Costumes: Couples' Edition

Halloween Costumes: Couples' Edition

You could come up with a great solo Halloween getup (a Rubik's cube! a sexy mouse! Mummenschanz!), but now that you've got an awesome S.O. to share in the fun, why not try one of these costumes for two?

  • Dumbledore and Grindewald.
  • Pop culture icons reimagined as animated Taiwanese video characters: Why go as Lindsay Lohan and her parole officer when you could go as the Taiwanese CGI news video of Lindsay Lohan and her parole officer?
  • Happy Bella and Jacob: Imagine that Bella got together with Jacob and actually had some fun, and that Jacob stopped being so moody/broody all the time. The hardest part of this one may be pulling off a convincing Bella-smile.
  • The "Boop" scene from Superbad.

And, as an added bonus: COSTUMES TO AVOID

  • Anything that requires a prosthesis or body paint.
  • Romeo and Juliet.
  • The Human Centipede.

We will never forgive Rachel for mentioning The Movie That Must Not Be Named. Do you have a good couples costume lined up for Halloween?

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