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What it’s Like To Live In…South Florida

What it’s Like To Live In…South Florida

Florida sounds like a dream, Glitter006—minus the torrential downpours, of course! —Sparkitors

I live in a little beach town in south Florida, right on the edge of the East Coast. Some call this place paradise—and not to rub it in, but they're pretty much right. Read on for all the ups and the downs (I'll admit it, there are a few) about the place I call home!

Having the sun as your BFF: Because it's constantly so hot here, people spend almost all their free time at the beach, on a boat, or in a pool. Our water is crystal clear, and I live only a mile from the beach. Almost all of my friends have a pool, a boat, or both. As you can tell, we're sun-obsessed people, so when it rains, we don’t really know what to do with ourselves.

Going on vacation: In Florida, it seems like you're always on vacation. And if you really want to escape, the Bahamas are just 4 hours away by boat, and 30 minutes by plane; day trips to the islands are the norm.

Life is sweet: Who wouldn't like going to the beach year round? Or snorkeling every day? Petting wild manatees? What about wearing a bathing suit ten out of the twelve months? The list goes on…

Butttt…there are a few cons: In an adult’s eyes, hurricanes are a con. To us kids, they mean neighborhood parties every night, camping out, and no school! The other major con is our winter weather; when you’re picking out your Christmas tree in your bathing suit and going surfing to celebrate New Year’s, it doesn't always feel like the holidays. Plus, we go crazy when there’s a "cold front" and the temperatures drop to 60 degrees; that's practically freezing for us!

Uh, you had us at "day trips to the Bahamas," dude. See you in 5.

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