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Video War Round 2: Taio Cruz Vs. Mumford and Sons

Video War Round 2: Taio Cruz Vs. Mumford and Sons

You Sparklers seem to like this new series as much as Chelsea Dagger likes 60 cent vending machine Devil Dogs, and that, friends, is QUITE A LOT. You came out en masse last week to speak your minds about an "indie" fave and a mainstream megahouse, and your comments left us rolling with laughter and astounded by the sheer number of future music critics in our midst. Read on for our favorite reviews—and to check out the contestants for our next big battle!

First up, the fearsome and finely-tuned defenders of Mumford and Sons:

SummerEliza: Why is The Cave being judged against Dynamite? The two are almost incomparable! The only similarities they have is the fact that both involve motorbikes. Anyway, I spent about half the song admiring the amazing banjo accompaniment. (That was banjo right?) The rest of the time, I was resisting the urge to lift some sort of flaming object in the air and yell "SING IT SIST- I MEAN, MISTER!" (Look at me, leaning on caps to create comedy. Chelsea should be proud.) Also, I was sad when the instruments were taken away from the uniformed men at the end. I wanted to fly on over to whatever country they were in and give them some instruments that wouldn't be taken away by motorbike-riding, suit-wearing men. So after a few paragraphs of snarky observations, I pick The Cave to win this musical battle. It's obviously the victor.

scooterparker_loves_bluegrass: I was under the impression that this was a competition. But there is none. MUMFORD AND SONS BABY!!!

addie.m.p: Certainly Mumford & Sons, for multiple reasons, but mainly:
1. They are one of my very favorite bands
2. Lyrically, musically, and vocally FAR above and beyond Taio Cruz.
3. There is such a beautiful passion and vigor in The Cave, it is marvelous
4. The video had a beautiful carefree, breezy summer day feel. Glorious.
5. Taio Cruz is all digitally enhanced, edited crap. It is repetitive. And although catchy, it is just your run-of-the-mill, worthless pop.
6. Dynamite's video bored me to death.
Oh how I love Mumford ∧ Sons. Such talented musicians!

Albrolengarn: Um the first video? Sucked? Half- no, more like three-quarters-naked chicks? Cliché lyrics? Corny fire? Welding scenes transferring into bubble baths?
The second video? YES, PRECIOUS, WE LOVES IT. IT IS OUR BIRTHDAY, GIVE IT TO US, MY LOVE. (sorry for being such a creepster)

rootoyoutoo: Mumford and sons ALL THE WAY. It made me want to ride a motorcycle while playing banjo and screaming at the top of my lungs while wearing a soldier's uniform and Converse. Dangerous, I know. Taio Cruz's video made me want to take a shower.

Now, the explosive proponents  of Taio Cruz:

pullingpuzzles: I'm gonna vote for the mainstream guy. Taio Zedong or whatever his name is. Ooh, is referencing communism wrong? No? I've never heard his song before, I'm not even going to listen to it. Just have my vote for him. Take it. I just don't want to vote for Mumford and Sons.

Pistaciosaregreat: I vote for Taio Cruz. Not because I think it's really good, its just your routine 'put your hands up' song; I'm just really bored of Mumford & Sons. Whenever anyone mentions them, you can tell they think they're awesome and indie for listening to them, even though EVERYONE has heard them (in my area, anyway. There seem to be quite a few comments here from people who didn't know it.)

anEpicofEpicEpicness: Dynamite wins.
1. It's a fun song! Every time it comes on the radio or whatever it turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs. It reminds me of a party or Friday afternoon when school is out. Those are happy times.
2. The video had EXPLOSIONS. Explosions are always awesomesauce and interesting to a pryomaniac, which I happen to be.
3. I find Taio Cruz extremely attractive.
Reasons I dislike Mumford and Sons:
1. The song got boring. I couldn't wait for the video to be over.
2. They're an 'Indie band', so everyone who listens to them is like I AM A MUSIC BUFF BOW TO ME. But sooo many people listen to them that they're almost mainstream. That annoys me.
3. I couldn't tell what the heck the singer was talking about. Was he talking about unrequited love, his perfect relationship or an actual cave? Or was he talking about something completely off the wall that has nothing to do with anything I said? I couldn't tell.

Well, we think it's pretty easy to guess what's about to happen. When Sparklers are forced to choose between handsome, banjo-playing Brits and sweaty, scantily-clad mechanics, there really isn't much of a contest. This week's vote tally proves where your loyalties lie:

Taoi Cruz: 5

Mumford and Sons: 54

To spice things up a little, our next video battle is between a band you guys went CRAZY for in the comments, and one we're pretty sure you already love. WHICH ONE WINS? It's up to you!

In the first corner, we've got (surprise!) Animal by Neon Trees:

And in the second corner, we've got Notion by Kings of Leon:

Exciting news, music fans: The Committee of Cool will return in full force next week! And if you hate the Committee, don't worry: Video Wars will return the following Tuesday, so keep rating videos in the comments—your comment might be published next!

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