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8 Reasons to Love Milk

8 Reasons to Love Milk

flyergirl13's post is going spur a feud to rival the great Milk Controversy of 1897. Yeah, we said it. —Sparkitors

I just recently read 8 Reasons to Hate Milk, and I have to say: I'm appalled. Milk is to be praised, not slandered—and here are 8 reasons why. Milk Drinkers of the World, Unite!

1. Milk is good for you: Milk is a great source of calcium, and without calcium, your bones will turn into sponges. Seriously. I read an article about a guy who ate nothing but Brussels sprouts and water. His bones had holes big enough for a small child to crawl through.

2.  Milk + junk food = heaven: It's simple algebra: dessert items simply aren't complete without a dairy beverage. Just today, I had milk with my Oreos. How, I ask you, can you eat Oreos without your trusty ol' pal milk?

3. Hot chocolate: Where would hot cocoa be without milk? Even if you make it with water, you still need milk to cool it down. After a long day out in the cold snow, there's nothing better than a steaming mug of hot cocoa made with milk and marshmallows. (For those who live in hot climates, bear with me and imagine you're on vacation in Antarctica.)

4. The economy: You know how everyone's always grumbling about the economy, jobs, yadda yadda? Well, imagine how much worse it would be if everyone stopped drinking milk. All across the world, cow farmers and goat farmers and whatever-other-animals-we-get-milk-from farmers would be put out of business from lack of demand. Not to mention all the people who make plastic milk cartons. And then they would all become beggars living under highway bridges. Is that what you want?

5. Dairy products: Without milk, there's no ice cream. Or yogurt. Or cheese. Or CHOCOLATE. In a milk-less world, there would be no ice cream sundaes, and I just don't think I could live in a world like that.

6. Got milk?: Milk inspired one of the most famous advertising campaigns of all timeand that's a legit accomplishment.

7. Milk replenishes electrolytes: I'm serious, I just read an article about this in the newspaper last week. Scientists found that milk replenishes electrolytes and restores energy better than sports drinks or water. So if you're running a triathalon next week, milk is your new best friend!

8. Yoda: Yoda drinks milk. Milk helps you become a Master Jedi. End of debate.

All right, what's the final word? TO MILK, OR NOT TO MILK?

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