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What Your Favorite Punctuation Mark Says About You

What Your Favorite Punctuation Mark Says About You

flyergirl13 pretty much nailed it with this guide to punctuation. Don't even try saying you don't have a favorite, because that probably just means you're a hipster who wears pajamas to school. —Sparkitors

When people vet potential boyfriend/girlfriends, they check to make sure s/he doesn’t have a rap sheet, is not a serial killer, likes puppies, eats apple pie, and has an acceptable favorite punctuation mark.

If you don’t have a favorite p. mark, you’d better pick one, or face remaining single forever. You’ve got about two sentences to decide, so for the love of [insert deity of your choice], hurry up!

Once you’ve chosen, read on to find out exactly what type of person you are. These findings are entirely accurate, so if you don’t match up to the personality listed, consider a major personality change.

Period (.)
You are definitely a guy. No girl in her right mind would choose a period as her favorite anything. You speak in halting sentences (“Hey. What’s. Up. How. Was. Your. Day?”). You enjoy sleeping and saying goodbye. You have a bad poker face. Your dream computer is a typewriter.

Comma (,)
You usually say like about, like, 50 times in, like, every sentence you, like, say. Your thoughts are rambling and hard to follow, generally long run-on sentences, like this one, which has too many commas, and is still going. You like poetry. You hate shrimp. Your dream outfit is a cute rain poncho.

Exclamation Point (!)
YOU LIKE TO SCREAM EVERYTHING YOU SAY, AND WRITE IN ALL CAPS A LOT!!!! You hate koalas, sloths, and turtles, but you love howler monkeys. Babies like you. So do geese. You like bagels, but you hate muffins. Your dream car is a motorcycle.

Question Mark (?)
You are curious and inquisitive. For [insert deity of your choice]’s sake, stop asking so many freakin’ questions! You like school, but hide that fact for fear of getting beaten up. Eggs fear you. Cows like you. Your dream gift is a battleaxe.

Colon (:)
You wear at least three watches, all set to different time zones. You say emoticons while talking (example: “I loved that movie! Colon-close-parenthesis”). Though you’d rather not admit it, you are attracted to your mailman. And you just HATE people who prefer semicolons over colons. Your dream meal is roasted peacock eggs.

Octothorpe (#)
You know a lot of random, useless facts, like the fact that a pound symbol is called an octothorpe. You like shoes with laces, because you get to tell people that little plastic thing on the end is an aglet. You can cream anybody at tic-tac-toe, but you always lose at Monopoly. Your dream haircut is a mohawk from ear to ear.

Apostrophe (’)
You get low grades on essays because your teacher takes off five points every time you use a contraction (mine do!). You always forget that single quotes only go inside double quotes. You think that the world will end in 2012, because “apostrophe” sounds similar to “apocalypse.” You like to speak in weird accents, and you are pretty good at them. Your favorite Harry Potter character is Fleur Delacour. Your dream date is a trip to a wrestling match.

Asterisk (*)
Your English essays have more text in the footnotes than in the actual body. Once, you drew stars all over your whole body to celebrate your birthday. You just hate it when people refer to an asterisk as “that little star thing.” You are a grammar nerd. You send holiday cards back with spelling corrections. Your dream home is on the moon.

We already know our favorites; they're semicolons, and they mean we're indecisive. What's your favorite punctuation?

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