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How to Dress Like... Amy Pond from Dr. Who

How to Dress Like... Amy Pond from Dr. Who

It doesn't matter if you spend more time running away from bullies who don't understand your poetry than fighting Daleks and creepy statues. You and Amy Pond have two things in common: you both have kind of a crush on The Doctor, and you both need cute, comfortable, practical outfits for all your exploits. Read on for this week's guide to dressing like someone else.

Do master the art of layers. Scarves over jackets over shirts over singlets over jeans over boots. Layers look chic and awesome on everybody, and keep you warm like nobody's business.

Don't do this. "The layered look" does not mean "everything you own, all at once."

Do make one of your layers denim, in the form of skirts or shorts. Or maybe you've heard about these rad new denim pants? I think they're called "jeans." Amy rocks the denim look.

Don't wear a denim suit, also known as the Canadian tuxedo. It's klassy with a K, which is to say not. At all.

Do go for a boyish casual look. Amy has mastered the art of loose, comfortable shirts and super-comfy footwear.

Don't go for a boyish formal look: bow-ties and waistcoats are amazing, but you'll look less like Amy and more like the Doctor himself. Which would still be cool. So you should totally do that.

Do jackets. They really help complete the layered effect. (Remember the layers? They're important.) If you have red hair, congratulations, you have the ability to look great in all shades of green. Definitely wear something like this. Or try a short leather jacket worn over close-fitting tops like this. (Remember to stare at someone's hat in amazement.)

Don't forget to pay attention to the weather; a jacket over a swimsuit is just odd.

Do you like Amy's style?

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