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Blogging My School's First Quidditch Union Meeting

Blogging My School's First Quidditch Union Meeting

Huntress952, we're so incredibly jealous that you have a Quidditch team! —Sparkitors

Not every academic institution can be as epic as SparkLife Academy, so those of us at normal high schools have to achieve greatness any way we can. At my school, we figured there was only one surefire way to end up in the history books—so we created a Quidditch Union.

No, I'm not pulling your leg, so yes, you have permission to scream and shout and be insanely jealous. I'll begin this post by giving you a brief introduction to Muggle Quidditch; yes, we run around with brooms between our legs, and yes, we might look like total idiots, but hey, that's a sacrifice we're willing to make to participate in the best sport ever invented.

Other than the flight issue, Muggle Quidditch is a lot like actual Quidditch. If you want a detailed rundown of players and their roles, hit up the International Quidditch Association Rulebook—I'd copy-paste all their info here, but that would be illegal.

At my school, the Golden Snitch is actually a person decked out in gold with tennis balls attached to him. He taunts the players as they try to catch him, and whichever team catches him first (and obtains a tennis ball) is awarded 30 points. So now that you have the basic idea, I’m gonna blog the first meeting of my Quidditch Union.

2:30 PM: I’m done with English and run into my friend who smiles (evilly) at me and says that she’ll come to my first Quidditch Competition and post it on YouTube. How thoughtful of her.

2:35 PM: I enter the classroom and find that every single seat has been taken. Judging by the number of people here, our school is pretty much made up of die-hard Harry Potter fans.

2:43 PM: We go over the rules. I’m positive that everyone in this room knows how to play Quidditch, but they explain it anyway.

2:44 PM: Please tell us we can fly, please tell us we can fly, please tell us that somehow we have those magical flying brooms! We don’t have them. What a load of peanut butter.

2:53 PM: Group time! And already we're having arguments about a team name. If you don’t like Slytherin, then we are Team Rocket. Deal with it.

2:57 PM: They kick everyone out to make room for the next batch of people who want to join.

2:58 PM: I was going to sneak back in, but then I saw the ice cream machine and yeah…Yum.

3:05 PM: Mom won’t be here till 4:30 and the library is closed. Crap.

3:08 PM: You know what, I’m gonna go back in the club room and hear their Quidditch ramblings again.

Now that I'm a real-life Quidditch player, I hereby suggest that Quidditch be the official sport of  SparkLife Academy, and that we fly instead of running around with a broom between our legs, because seriously, that’s weird. Really weird. Plus, we're Sparklers and we can do anything we want. Even fly. Who's with me?

We already knew you guys could fly. Anyone else rockin' a Quidditch Union at their school?

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