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How to Dress Like... Rachel Berry From Glee

How to Dress Like... Rachel Berry From Glee

It probably takes a lot of effort to maintain Rachel's preppy look. She must brush her hair, like, every day. If you're willing to take on that responsibility, here are a few staples of the Rachel Berry look. (But please, don't also adopt the bratty attitude.)

DO wear pants rarely.

DON'T take that too literally. We mean, "Wear skirts instead!" not, "Run around in your underwear!"

Seriously though, skirts and Rachel Berry go together like cheese and more cheese. Wear pleated or ruffled skirts that are above the knee but below the butt. Master "the skirt" and you'll be halfway there.

DO get to know your hosiery. We have the feeling Rachel Berry is a girl who knows tights from stockings. And she certainly knows her way around a pair of socks. Wear knee socks with cute flats like this, or ankle boots layered with short socks and stockings like this.

DON'T wear socks with anything open-toed, including, but not limited to, strappy heels, flip flops, German hiking sandals, and flippers.

DO have fun with patterns. Stripes, spots, tartans, argyles, hearts... Rachel does all patterns with great aplomb. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to complement one boldly-patterned item.

DON'T do all patterns all at once. Or, do, if you want, but you'll look less like Rachel Berry and more like this.

DO forgo hoodies and t-shirts in favor of cute, neat cardigans and vests. Wear them with a blouse and no pants. (Skirts, people! Skirts!)

DON'T wear chunky yellow cable-knit sweaters unless you have a professional lighting team following you around to make sure it's always flattering.

DO cute-ify. Bows, hearts, bows, ruffles, that one unicorn sweater we can't find a picture of, and did we mention bows? Rachel isn't afraid of getting in touch with her inner 5-year-old girl.

DON'T overdo the cute. It can be hard to know where to stop, but you don't want to look like a Limited Too store exploded on you. As a general rule, if one piece of your outfit would look great on a Cabbage Patch Kid, keep the rest neutral.

What do you like and dislike about Rachel's style? How does it compare to your own?

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