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Get Your Crush's Attention, Even if You Have No Classes Together

Get Your Crush's Attention, Even if You Have No Classes Together

This is what you've been waiting for—school's back in session, and you finally get to see your crush every day again. Shameless flirtation will commence in 3, 2, 1... wait a second! Who made this schedule!? Why are you eating lunch at 10:30 a.m.? Why are you taking underwater basket weaving—twice a day? Why is algebra class 4 hours long? And why aren't you in any classes with your crush?

Just because you're in advanced... everything, and he's not, doesn't mean you two aren't the perfect match. Consider trying these no-fail ways to talk to your crush, even if you aren't sitting in the same classroom.

  • If you see him heading to the school nurse, "fall" down the stairs and feign injury. (It doesn't have to hurt; it just has to look dramatic.) There's no better place to flirt than the nurse's smelly green couch.
  • Steal one of his belongings and return it to him immediately, saying, "Is this yours? I think you dropped it." Note: This only works about 25 times, depending on how smart he is.
  • Put up signs near his locker advertising yourself as the best French-Wrestling-PS3-Trumpet (or whatever he's into) tutor in the tri-state area. Also, make your services gratis. Also, promise fresh baked cookies.
  • Have a class with one of his friends? That'll work. Become his bff's new study buddy.
  • Forget stalking him. Stalk his mom. If you're in book club or a Bunko league with Mrs. Mom-of-Crush, you might get to hang out at his house. (And see his baby pictures. You think he's cute now, wait till you see his 3-year-old self in a pumpkin costume with spaghetti sauce smeared all over his face.)
  • Tell him you have a very important school assignment to make a documentary about him (teacher's orders!), and that you have to follow him around for a week straight. If he has a heart (and is a huge sucker), he'll take the bait.
  • If he's in a band, master the cowbell and convince people to tell him, "You know what your band needs? More cowbell. And I know the best cowbell player."
  • During assembly, sit in front of him, backwards in your seat, and claim that the bright lights are too harsh on your sensitive eyes. At this point, it'd be awkward if you didn't strike up a conversation with him.
  • Keep some books in a friend's locker that's by one of his classes. Get there as quick as you can after class, and spill your books out of the locker and onto the floor as he leaves the class. If he doesn't notice the first time, try again. It's high school—being permanently frazzled and klutzy is totally believable.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to get your crush's attention? Did it work?

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