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Open Thread for September 8

Open Thread for September 8

These pics, taken by MarauderPrincess, were sent to us in May. We hope they take some gloom out of your first days back at school. MarauderP says...

The first is a picture of a Mexican paintbrush, and I didn't even notice the ants on it until a few days later!

I'm not sure what the second kind of flower is, but my it's really weird looking. It started growing all over our fence, and my mom was about to use the weed killer on it, until we noticed the beautiful flowers!

The third one is of the flowers on the catalpa tree in my front yard. The bee was buzzing around, and I couldn't get any shots of it; it was going too fast! I was chasing it all over the yard, until it finally landed on the flower, about a foot above me. I had to reach way above my head to get the shot, so I was amazed when it actually turned out well.

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