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Blogging My First Day of Junior Year

Blogging My First Day of Junior Year

sunshine_AZ, there's no doubt in our minds that as hilarious and awesome as you are, you'll make friends in no time!—Sparkitors

I'm a junior, and today was my third first day of high school. You'd think that as an  upperclassman, I'd be comfortable with my school, my teachers, my friends, and generally rockin' the high school life—but I'm not. I just moved to a new school, in a new state, and I've had to completely start over. So today was basically like my first day of freshman year—except even worse. I just got home from the most miserable day of high school I've ever had, and now you all get to share my pain!

6:00 AM: I am forced from my lovely slumber with a jolt as Jason Castro croons "Hallelujah" to me. Nice, Jason. Your sarcasm is NOT appreciated.

6:05 AM: I am again jolted from sleep after furiously pressing snooze. WTH? Really? Ugh. I roll out of bed and flip on the lights, which sear through my eyes into my brain. I go to get dressed and realize that because I spent all of yesterday completely  last-minute summer homework, I forgot to do something very important: Laundry. Lovely. Jason Castro starts singing again. I shut him off with a vicious press of a button. Did he not take me seriously the first time? I'm not playing around here!

6:30 AM: I'm yelled at by my mother for the length of my shorts. Um, excuse me, mother, but aren't you supposed to be the kind, understanding woman who loves me? I have no clean clothes. I recall fondly the day when my laundry was your responsibility instead of mine...

7:00 AM: I'm officially presentable to the public. I put a bagel in the toaster and leave to brush my hair. When I come back to the kitchen, my bagel is gone and my sister has cream cheese at the corner of her mouth. I glare at her meaningfully, and put another bagel in the toaster. This time I guard it warily. You can never be to careful in a house full of teenage girls.

7:30 AM: I'm dropped off at school. I walk through the doors and into a sea of teenagers. My first instinct: get the hell outta there. But I bravely make my way through the crowd. I think crowd-navigation should be an Olympic sport—this takes skill, man!

7:45 AM: I finally make it to my first hour class: Madrigals. I'm relieved because choir is my thing. I can do this. I walk through the doors, finally feeling a little bit of confidence...uh oh. There are only boys in here. Why are there only boys in here? Why are they all staring at me?! Suddenly I'm seized with the fear that I'm in one of those dreams where you look down and you're naked. I look down. I'm fully clothed. ...Wait. My zipper's undone. Why, pants, why?!

9:10 AM: I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. Sight-reading? I don't care. Choreography? Shut up. Sing with the—Nope, you can't make me.

9:15 AM: Madrigals is over, but my pain and suffering is not. I again force my way through the expanse of unfamiliar faces and, sadly, unattractive members of the male species, to my next class: AP US History. I feel myself die a little inside.

9:20 AM: Five-minute passing periods? Really? It's a friggin war zone out there, people!

9:22 AM: I think I might like this class...

9:43 AM: Hey, I like this class!

10:07:32 AM: Could that clock move any slower? Is someone messing with the time/space continuum? My teacher really needs to stop pacing. I'm hungry. I think the second hand is actually going backward...

10:45 AM: I find out I have 2nd lunch. That means my lunch is AFTER third hour.

10:50 AM: My teacher is talking to us through a TV. What the....? Oh, I get it: this is "distance learning" for Medical Anatomy and Physiology. I don't think I like it. A teacher on the TV who, disturbingly, can see into 8 other classrooms, starts explaining ER procedures and how weird they can get. He shows us a video of some guy who had a knife in his back, but no one would believe him. I can't tell if this is a joke or not....

11:50 AM: Just watched someone eviscerate himself.  Am scarred for life.

12:20 PM: LUNCHTIME! ...crap. I'm alone. All alone. A lone lonely loner!

12:50 PM: I *sob* didn't *sob* get *sob* any *sob* food. Upset and dejected, with a lump in my throat and a grumble in my stomach, I do the Charlie Brown walk to my final class of the day.

12:55 PM: Pre-Calculus. What can I say about Pre-Calc that hasn't already been said about Lord Voldemort? My stomach won't shut up; it's way too eager to introduce itself to my class, whereas me— ahem—not so much.

1:27 PM: The girl sitting next to me gives me a cookie. Score one for my stomach. My belly. Mah friend! :)

2:00 PM: Class meetings. The administration expects us to risk our lives for them? I don't think so. I'm staying here!

2:01 PM: Never mind. They're mandatory. I'll have to face the wrath of the hallway yet again.

2:10 PM: I found a friend! My first friend of the day! Yay me! YIP YIP YIP!

2:15 PM: I hate student council. And this school's student body president. He loves himself WAY too much.


2:34 PM: I collapse on my bed and eat a handful of Cheez-Its. On the upside: things can only get better from here.

How does your first day of high school compare? Triumphs? Fails? Tell us all about 'em!

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