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Not Exactly What I Had in Mind: Planning My Family Vacation

Not Exactly What I Had in Mind: Planning My Family Vacation

GirlWhoWrites is 14 and plans her own trips. We're in our 20s and can't handle that kind of responsibility. What is wrong with this picture? —Sparkitors

When my parents told me and my little sister that we were in charge of planning our family vacation, our reaction was something along the lines of "THAT'S SO COOL! CAN WE GO BACK TO WATCHING OUR MOVIE NOW?"

It took a few minutes for our parents' decision to register. This would be our first trip to Door County, Wisconsin and we were IN CHARGE. Once we understood that (and our movie was over), we were literally bouncing off the walls with happiness.

My sister, being the mature one (and the micro-organizer) took charge of creating a minute-by-minute schedule for the entire week while I, considering the big picture, grabbed a snack.
Finally, I helped my sister learn to spell "Wisconsin," then visited tourist websites and compiled a Must-Do List. Here's what we came up with:

Must-Do List:

  • Find out if it's true that birds read minds.
  • Eat cheesecake in the land of cheese.
  • Go cherry picking.
  • Ride a zip-line.
  • Build a giant nose out of sand.
  • Go paddle-boating, canoeing, or some variation thereof.
  • Watch a sunrise.
  • Swim.
  • Shop.
  • Go spelunking.
  • Go swimming while simultaneously going shopping and/or spelunking.
  • Visit a dairy farm.
  • Try some homemade ice cream.
  • Visit an art studio and create something incredible. (We actually did this one!)
  • World domination.

Obviously not all of the things on our Must-Do List got done, but here are ten things I learned while we tried...

1) The United States does not have a shortage of cornfields, nor will it have a shortage of cornfields anytime soon.
2) You can't go cherry-picking when there are no cherries left to pick. :/
3) If you build a giant nose out of sand, it will inevitably be stomped on by a 5-year-old.
4) Do not tip the canoe. I don't care if there is a spider on your back! DO NOT TIP THE CANOE!!!
5) If you put your dad in the back of a paddle boat because you insist on paddling it yourself, the boat will go very, very slowly.
6) Cheesecake that has been dropped face-down on the floor tastes just as good as cheesecake that has been dropped face-down on the floor twice.
7) If you have stuffy nose and can't sleep, you will see the sun rise at 5 a.m. And nobody else will care, no matter how hard you try to get them out of bed.
8) It is not  possible to go swimming while simultaneously going shopping and/or spelunking.
9) Dairy farms make really amazing ice cream that you should not attempt to eat while jogging in the heat. Seriously, it won't end well.
10) It IS true that birds can read minds. They told me.

Overall, my trip was awesome, and I proved I CAN plan a family vacation (read: consume sugar while my sister gladly does the work) that is fun, wholesome, and packed with beaches and greasy food. Our trip was 24% yummy, 5% artistic, 37% sandy, 7% cheesy, 14% insanity and 100% fun.

Could you handle planning a family vacation?

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