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8 Reasons to Be Happy About Going Back to School

8 Reasons to Be Happy About Going Back to School

claire:), you just turned our back-to-school frowns upside-down. Maybe that's partly due to the fact that we don't ever have to go to school again, but we're gonna give you all the credit. —Sparkitors

We're all dreading the end of summer vacation and our imminent return to school—but here's a few reasons to stop whining and start smiling!

1. Back-to-school shopping: This year, I’m super excited to cut off my circulation with the new jeggings I keep seeing everywhere. What, you're worried your legs will fall off below the knee if you try to get these suckers on? Well, man up: if you end up legless, at least you’ll be legless in style. Yay!

2. An end to boredom: Come on, most of us have spent the last 3 weeks in our pajamas, sitting in front of the computer and trying to BAM a post or passing the hours by stalking our crushes on Facebook. Just think: when school starts, we can stalk those hotties in person, instead of via the internet!

3.  Your favorite subject: Sure, you tell your friends that you hate Bio with a burning passion, but you secretly miss getting all crazy with the Punnet squares and can't wait to find out what would happen if you mated a heterozygous black rat with a homozygous brown one.

4.  School supplies: Don’t you just love beautifying your blank notebooks with your new pens? Every year I swear to myself that I'll keep the pages clean and pristine, but by the third week I always find myself drawing checkerboard doodles on my graph paper, which invariably leads to  me saying “Yes, of course I was paying attention to the problem, Ms. Duffin! Errr, the linear equation? Can I phone a friend and get back to you?”

5.  Gym class: An adult told me once that P.E. class is like a free membership to a gym.  Okay, so this comparison isn’t perfect: at a real gym, there isn't a she-man of a gym teacher barking insults about your pitiful form while you try to work up to motivation to swim a lap of backstroke. And in P.E. class, there aren't any sexy shirtless men hanging around looking gorgeous, just some sweaty knock-kneed boys whose butts I can royally kick at soccer. But apart from all that, exercise is good for you, right? At least it can help us work off all those calories we consumed during...

6. THE BEST LUNCH EVER: Every school has one. At my elementary school, it was pizza. My middle school, chow mein. Now, it’s potstickers. When Potsticker Tuesday rolls around, you know you gotta hustle your little butt out of class and get down to the cafeteria ASAP if you want to get your hands on some soy-sauce-slathered goodness. People swoop around like hungry vultures looking for unwanted leftovers—but they're outta luck.

7. Ego boost: Remember that feeling you get when the teacher says, “I’m passing back your tests today"? Your feet start shaking underneath your desk, your heart beats 2 billion times a minute, and you’re sweating out a freakin’ swimming pool, when all of a sudden, your test appears on your desk—and OMG, it's an A! And not just an A, an A+! Congratulations, now you’re in a great mood for the rest of the day (or at least until some freshman cuts you in the lunch line).

8. Where there’s school, there is SUMMER BREAK! Only 179 days, 3 hours, 31 minutes, and 8 seconds to go until Freedom Day. Keepin' the dream alive!

This list fills us with optimism and a craving for potstickers. How about you?

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