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Coping With Post-Potter Depression

Coping With Post-Potter Depression

Keep your chin up, lonksthewriter—Harry will live on forever in the hearts of Sparklers and Sparkitors alike!

In the fall of 2007, I became depressed. Uber-depressed. It was bad. My mom was worried, since I used to be a spastic, fun-loving person. She took me to see a counselor (who, come to think of it, looked suspiciously like Emma Pillsbury). The first thing she asked me was, “Have you experienced any great loss recently? A friend who moved away, or a pet that died?” I thought about this for a second, said, “Well, Harry Potter ended in July,” then burst into tears. That was when I was diagnosed with a dreadful disorder called Post-Potter Depression.* There are no pills to treat this disorder, and Cymbalta can not help. The counselor told me that I would need to work with my friends and family to find alternative methods of treating my depression. Over the past few years, I've come up with several ways to get my daily dose of Potter. Since I know many others are suffering from Post-Potter Depression, I'd like to share my treatment ideas with you.

Jim Dale Audiobooks: I know a lot of people hate audiobooks, but Jim Dale’s reading of the Harry Potter series has recently replaced music in my life. He uses different voices for each character, and once you turn on a tape, you can just close your eyes and float off to Hogwarts. I listen to the books in car, while cleaning my room, and even while playing with my wand. Don't laugh—you know you have one.

Podcasts: I just want to take this chance to say: I LOVE YOU ANDREW SIMS! MuggleCast (produced by MuggleNet) and PotterCast (produced by the Leaky Cauldron) are two of the greatest Potter podcasts out there. Each releases a new episode every week, and the hosts spend an hour or more discussing the Potter universe inside and out. Soon, the hosts feel like some of your best friends, even though you've never met them.

Fan Fiction: Did you know that there are entire websites dedicated to nothing but Harry Potter  fan fiction? The perfect pick-me-up during a serious post-Potter slump is a ridiculous story about Tonks' crush on a giant squid or Hermione's secret love affair with Mad-Eye Moody—who, by the way, isn’t dead, he just fell off his broomstick in order to move to America and become a handbag designer. Sometimes, you’ll come across a storyline that's plausible and sort of feels like an extension of the real books, and that makes the experience so much better. My favorite  fanfiction sites are and the Harry Potter page on

PotterCons: Have you ever imagined a world where everyone is a diehard Harry Potter fan? A world where you can whip out your wand, scream “AVADA KEDAVRA!” and everyone around you will duck or fake their own death? Well, that world exists. Every year, Harry Potter fans get together to celebrate the books that changed our lives. It’s an incredible experience that allows you to meet fans from around the world and get into some good, clean, magical fun. The most recent conference was Infinitus 2010, which was held several weeks ago in Orlando, Florida. Watch your favorite fan site for the dates of the next PotterCon!

Wizard Rock: Did you know there are musicians out there who devote their musical talents solely to singing about Harry  Potter? Well, my iPod is full of them. If you're Potter geek who is unfamiliar with Wizard Rock, go to iTunes RIGHT NOW and go shopping! My favorite bands are The Butterbeer Experience, The Remus Lupins, The Moaning Myrtles, The Parselmouths, The Whomping Willows, and Riddle TM. Check them out!

AVPM: Do you have friends who refer to something as  being “totally awesome” and then giggle conspiratorially as if sharing an evil secret? Then you need to watch A Very Potter Musical on YouTube. You shall finally understand why Draco wants a rocketship, why I want to go to Mars, and why Dumbledore loves High School Musical. Then you can proceed to A Very Potter Sequel and get your face blown off by amazing-ness. For those of you who have already ventured into the wonderful world of AVPM: Did you get meh text?

SparkLife: Has anyone ever noticed that SparkLife cannot go more than a week without posting something about Harry Potter? My endless scavenger hunt for obscure Harry Potter  references is what I believe truly cured me of my depression. Keep it up, SparkLife—you don’t want me to have a relapse, do you?

*I did not create the term Post-Potter Depression. The term was coined by YouTube sensation Lauren Fairweather.

We most definitely do NOT want you to have a relapse, lonky—Potter lovers, check out the Think Tank and the Quizinator, which have an HP theme!

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