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The A to Z of School Supplies

The A to Z of School Supplies

The most exciting part of going back to school is shopping for new school supplies. After that, everything goes downhill fast. Don't rush the supply-buying process; savor it, and follow our A-Z guide to make sure you have everything you need.

A is for... Anxiety. What if they're out of Ice Blue highlighters at the store? You canNOT handle another semester of Sky Blue.

B is for... Black pens, or blue? The ultimate question.

C is for... Colored notebooks, or boring cardboard-colored ones that make it look like you don't give a care? The other ultimate question.

D is for... "Dear Homework Diary, the first day back is the only day I will write in you."

E is for... Erasers. For when you're out of gum.

F is for... Friends come and go, but fluorescent markers are forever.

G is for... Green ink—the forbidden color.

H is for... Hello Kitty Post-It notes?

I is for... Invisible ink—the Harry Potter kind, not the candle wax and lemon juice kind.

J is for... Juggling balls. Although they probably aren't required school supplies, till you finally get to clown college.

K is for... Kryptonite. Y'know. Just in case.

L is for... Laser pointers. They make Maths class fun! For you. And nobody else.

M is for... Mechanical pencils, or the old-fashioned kind? The third ultimate question.

N is for... Nice, new, neat notebooks! Until the second day.

O is for... Oh no! My pen broke and filled my shirt pocket with ink!

P is for... Pocket protectors—a must.

Q is for... Q-tips. They would probably make great paintbrushes.

R is for... Rulers. They aren't that awesome, but oh well.

S is for... Sharpies. The closest a Muggle can get to a magic wand.

T is for...Tiny, tiny notebooks, no good for anything except tiny, tiny haiku.

U is for... Underlining, or highlighting? The ULTIMATE ULTIMATE QUESTI—oh, whatever.

V is for... Very, very sharp scissors. Makes you look extremely BA.

W is for... Wite-Out.

X is for... Xtreme Wite-Out.

Y is for... Yellow pen is hard to see under fluorescent lights. It's a scam. Buy green!

Z is for... Zip up that pencil case! You're done!

What's your A to Z list?

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