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My Crush Is a Studio Ghibli Character

My Crush Is a Studio Ghibli Character

in her edition of the My Crush Is series, ChangminsBabyGirl mentions that there are a million of these posts. Do you guys remember the first one? —Sparkitors

This whole “My Crush is…” bandwagon is getting insanely huge. Big enough to hold all the Sparklers, even. Well, I’m here to make it a little bigger. After reading PeoniesandFlan’s post about Studio Ghibli vs. Disney, I immediately thought of Totoro and his big... plushie-ness. And then I thought of the hot male leads. Oh, you know you loved their bishounen (Japanese term for “pretty boy”) looks! Here are the hottest Miyazaki males:

1. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

He’s a wizard. Need I say more? Heck, you know what, I WILL say more. He has inner turmoil. I think we here at SparkNotes agree that angst is pure shmex. Howl lives in (as you can guess from the title) a moving “castle,” he transforms into a ginormous bird, and he swallowed a STAR as a kid. How many hot guys can say that?

2. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from The Cat Returns

Don’t let the name or the fact that he’s a cat fool you. Baron has the charm of a British gentlemen, the grace of a cat, and the sweet dance skills of a SYTYCD contestant. I’d become a cat (as happens to the female lead Haru) for him any day.

3. Tombo from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Sure, Tombo’s a dork. He doesn’t have Taylor Lautner’s drool-inducing abs. I think he might even be prepubescent. But he’s just so darn CUTE, you can’t help but smile at him. Also, he built a pedal-powered plane. If that’s not impressive, I’ll eat my individual-toed socks.

4. Haku from Spirited Away

Another wizard! He may work for the villain, Yubaba, in the beginning, but it’s only because Yubaba put a spell on him. And, come on, he’s a dragon AND a river spirit. A very cute dragon, I might add.

5. Pazu from Castle in the Sky

Pazu, like Tombo, loves flying. I’m sensing a theme here, Ghibli! He’s willing to help a random girl, Sheeta, who basically floats down from the sky. He joins a band of sky pirates to rescue Sheeta. And best of all, he gets to use a grenade launcher to save Sheeta. Sky pirates AND grenade launchers! It doesn't get any better.

Are you into any of these...creatures?

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