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Facebook Pet Peeves

Facebook Pet Peeves

ilovemarcandre29, we totes agree with you on all of theseeeee. Be our BFF?! XOXO, we're off to go make nachos!—Sparkitors

Ah, Facebook... what would the modern teenager do without it? It helps us procrastinate on homework, talk to our friends, and waste countless hours of our lives. We love you so, Facebook. But then again, you annoys us half to death. Here are some of my biggest pet peeves about Facebook, the friend I love to hate.

1. My first pet peeve is people who find it necessary to add letters to the end of wordssssss. I HATE THIS. When I read the word like "yesssssss" nowadays, I automatically think of a snake talking to me in Parseltongue, and that gets really, REALLY old after awhile. Just don't do it. Please?

2. My second peeve is people who Picnik every single photo they ever took. Their captions make me die a little inside: Best Friends For Life, XOXO, and my least favorite, FrIeNdS FoReVeR! Ugh. Picnik makes everyone think they're a professional photographer; you either know someone who posts photos of grass into an album titled "Photography," or you are that person. Cease and desist.

3. Third? Farmville. I cannot stand it. My news feed fills up with updates like "Joe Tater needs Farmville Money!" and "Linda Johnson just harvested tomatoes using Farmville!" or "Oh no! Nick Jones just found an abandoned sheep on his farm! Adopt it to save its life!" I'll admit, I tried Farmville. I will forever regret that decision and mourn those 10 wasted minutes.

4. My fourth peeve is people who use photos of their cars as their profile pictures. You are not a car. Never have been, never will be. How on earth do you expect people to find you if your profile picture is a car? And the cars aren't even cool—if they were Porsches, Lamborghinis, classic Camaros, or the Batmobile, it wouldn't be so annoying. But they are, unfailingly, 1999 Honda Civics, 1993 Toyota Corollas, and the occasional 2003 Ford Mustang. Gah.

5. Status updates are a key part of Facebook. But Facebook isn't Twitter. I have a Twitter account, and it's reserved for status updates only. I get so annoyed when people update their Facebook status every five minutes. I don't CARE if you're making nachos, dude! Keep it to yourself!

What do you love/hate about Facebook? Or nachos? Got any pet peeves about nachos?

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