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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

As far as cuteness goes, it's hard to top a pair of chunky bunnies—but fluffly, cuddly baby chicks run a close second. Here's what summersanders has to say about these little darlings:

This is a picture of my two baby chicks: the black one is Bo Peep, and the yellow one is Ponyo Dan Bergstein. That's right, Ponyo Dan Bergstein. Congratulations Mr.Bergstein, when people start naming their chickens after you, you know you have reached a whole new level of fame.

Some of you are about to reach a whole new level of fame, as well—here are last week's top comments!

Black bunny: Stop it! Stop it now!
Blonde bunny: NO! I won't stop until you are off this podium and I can have the picture to myself! by lynnieboo34

(Bunny on the right)
When I give the word, attack! by mega_mega9

Little Bunny (Quirrel): came back?
Big Bunny (Voldemort): No....I came home!
*EMBRACE!* by villanous_mwaha

OK, on the count of three, we take down that carrot over there. 1... 2... by nox_light47

"We are NOT fat. We're fluffy." by lia.lovegood

Who knew Harry and Ginny could both turn into rabbits? by crayonsWIN

"Coming Summer 2011, two rabbits will fight to the end to save their species, and themselves. They will fight, when....MCDONALDS HITS PET STORES. Rated PG-13" by HarryPotterLoverGrL

"Can we audition for a role in HUGE now?" by one25centpeice

Black bunny: You got the stuff? 
Blonde bunny: The carrots are in the back.
 Black bunny: Excellent. by sleazyforweasley

"Move over! It's MY TURN for the window seat!!!" by TheOneWithTheHat

"The gangster bunnies is in the hutch! *cue bunny breakdancing and fire works*" by Denisey94


Black Bunny: "So how many marshmallows did YOU fit?"
 Tan Bunny: "I think I'm gonna hurl..." by Darthcorde

Black Bunny: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA (sing-song voice) I put 17 chubby humans in my mouth and you only put 11! I rulez the worldz! Brown Bunny: Oh, waffles! by elionorapaws

Black bunny: You're like my own personal brand of heroin, lamb.
 Tan bunny: I'm not a lamb, i'm a rabbit.
 Black bunny: Oh...right. I also wrote you a lullaby, called "Back dat up, Bella." 
Tan Bunny: *rolls eyes* I should have stayed with Dan. by LilyT23

Brown bunny: HELP! He's got my leg!!! I think he's trying to absorb me for giselabeth

No, its YOUR turn to get more cheezits! by burnauburn

And the best of the bunch and newest entry into the Cute Thing Hall of Fame, by villanous_mwaha:

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