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The Perks of Being a Circus Nut

The Perks of Being a Circus Nut

Flyergirl13, we're officially impressed: you've got mad skillz!—Sparkitors

Although my username implies it, I doubt that any of my fellow Sparklers imagined that I could actually fly. But I can—in a way. I go to circus school as an extracurricular activity, and I take flying trapeze classes—along with classes on the tightwire, partner acrobatics, juggling, static trapeze, silks, and the infamous "hair hanging." Intrigued? Read on for the top 8 perks of being a circus nut!

#1. Exercise: It might sound stupid and boring, but circus really does get you in great shape. For the first half hour of every class, we do jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups (we like "ups"!) handstands, stretches, and everyone's favorite: splits. We even do something called assisted splits, meaning you're assisted in pushing your legs apart as far as they'll go, and then made to hold the position. Despite the whole pain aspect, assisted splits are useful, and they help us work toward achieving a full split.

2. Beating Up Your Sibling: My brother does partner acrobatics with me. He's the base and I'm the flyer, meaning I get to climb all over him doing pretty poses while he supports me—and he sometimes has to hold up several other flyers at the same time.

3. Tightwire Skills are Useful: Believe it or not, they really come in handy, especially if a band of blood-thirsty zombies is chasing you across a thin wire over a lava pit, or if you have to walk across an abyss of hungry clowns.

4. Preparation for Later Life: My circus teacher prides himself on being the meanest teacher in the world—he even has something called the Kid-Beater-Upper-Stick, which is frequently put to use. So if you plan on joining the army or some secret ninja cult, go to circus school first— you'll be used to tough training. Note: don't worry, the Stick is really only a pool noodle!

5. Stilt-walking: When you're short like I am, stilt-walking is pretty great. It makes you taller than anyone around you, and that's saying something—there are some tall people at my circus school. As an added bonus, you can use bouncy stilts, which make it feel like you're walking around with a pogo stick strapped to each foot!

6. Juggling: I've been going to circus school for over a year, but I still can't juggle. It's hard, believe me. And yet, inexplicably, I rock at that Wii Fit game where you juggle while standing on a ball. Then again, I rock at a lot of Wii stuff that I fail at in real life.

7. Aerials are Awesome : Aerials are my favorite part of circus school. They include flying trapeze, static trapeze, lyra, and silks. I don't do lyra as much, but I love static trapeze. My brother and I did a synchronized static trapeze act in the last show, and people were really impressed that we got along so well. Little did they know that he was pulling my hair the whole time.

8. Hair Hang : Yes, some of us hang by our hair. I've just started, so I'm still getting used to it, but others can hang for almost half an hour—by nothing but their hair. It actually strengthens you hair and doesn't harm it, and hey, it's pretty fun to see the look on someone's face when you tell them about it.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to hit up circus school?

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