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My Crush Is a Professional Athlete

My Crush Is a Professional Athlete

We aren't big sports fans, ilovemarcandre29, but we have to agree that these guys are dreamy!—Sparkitors

I'll admit it: I LOVE sports. All kinds—football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, you name it! My favorite thing about sports? The cute men that play them! I mean, tan, sweaty guys running around chasing things—can life get any better? Ahem... I mean... yeah... *awkward silence*...

1. Marc Andre Fleury from the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)
Hockey is my favorite sport of all time: any game where you're allowed to attack, punch, and check members of the opposite team automatically has me as a fan. Besides, Marc Andre is French-Canadian, which means he has the cutest accent on the face of the earth. What's not to love?

2. Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid
I don't pay much attention to soccer, but my friend introduced me to this Portuguese cutie and I immediately wondered why I hadn't become a soccer fan earlier. The best part? When he scores a goal, he rips off his jersey and exposes his perfect abs. Mmmmmm... I'm lovin' it!

3. Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns (NBA)
Another one of my Canadian cuties! He's tall, which is always a plus for me, as I'm 5 foot 9. And he even started a foundation to provide assistance and support for under-privileged children. How sweet of him!

4. Shaun White, snowboarder
I tried snowboarding this year, and I'm definitely not as good as Shaun White. But I can't help myself: I love this guy! I just wanna run my fingers through his crazy red hair, and his cute little half grin makes me wanna melt. The "Flying Tomato" is definitely delicious.

5. The Staal Bros (Jordan, Eric and Marc) from the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, and Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
All three are blond, blue-eyed beauties from Canada. Eric and Jordan have both won Stanley Cups, but Marc is still trying for his; there's nothing better than a little brotherly love, fueled by some intense sibling rivalry.

Who's your professional sports crush? Do you even know what sports ARE? Us neither.

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