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A Day in the Life of a Student at a Top 50 High School

A Day in the Life of a Student at a Top 50 High School

Yeah, yeah, Frenchtoast is smart, but we're impressed with her because she helps her mom with dinner. This Sparkitor didn't even know that was an option in high school. Wow. —Sparkitor who feels kinda bad now. Sorry, Mom.

I've read a lot of Day in the Life posts, and to be honest, I keep thinking, “Pfft. my school is harder than that.” But that's what I get for going to one of the top 50 highs schools IN THE UNITED STATES!

Our school is small; it ranges from grades 7-12, and there are only 1,300 students. Everything we offer (except a few math and science classes) is honors, and you are required to take at least two accelerations (an AP class or a dual enrollment class at our local community college). We don't have any block schedules, so it's the same every day, and study hall classes are prohibited.

The building is an old middle school, and it's kind of run down. However, we have a great rep, and would totally be excited about it... if any of us ever got any sleep...

5 AM: Wake up to complete homework I didn't finish last night. Must be completed by 6 AM.

6 AM: Get ready: shower, hair, glasses, clothes, done.

7 AM: Breakfast and newspaper reading/listening to NPR: I need to be caught up on current events for when my APUSH teacher grills us on them.

7:50 AM: Drive to school. Park in the dirt parking lot near the courthouse that's reserved for lowly sophomores who just got their license and can't get a parking pass.

8:10 AM: Arrive (with dirt in my sandals) and go straight to the chorus room to hang out with friends. Lament the excessive amount of homework we have, teach each other math formulas, do AP chem homework.

8:45 AM: The bell rings and I head to French. I like languages, especially French, but this class seems to be all review and busy work. My teacher grew up in Europe and is making us do various “entertaining” activities like reading Phantom of the Opera in French. Then we get some sort of practice assignment or vocab list for homework. Fun.

9:36 AM: Bell rings. Off to math (gross). I don't have to tell you how hard this class is, but I will tell you I don't have a "Mr." or "Mrs." teaching this class. I take math from a “Dr.,” which makes it a bajillion times harder to follow. We get piles of homework, as usual.

10:29 AM: On to chemistry. This class should be harder, but my teacher just likes to give us worksheets because she is too lazy to teach us. We have less homework than other classes, so that's a plus.

11:25 AM: My favorite time of the day, BAND CLASS! I go to wind ensemble, our top band, where I am “percussion captain,” which means I get to control who plays what in the percussion section. We play all class period.

12:20 PM: 3rd Lunch—we sit and talk about homework, or what we're doing in the next class, which is...

12:40 PM: APUSH. It's offered for sophomores, which is apparently a year earlier than most of the country takes it. At least that's what my teacher tells us. In any case, this is the most tiring class ever. We usually come in, take out outlines and notecards on the chapter we're studying, and usually end up A) taking a quiz, B) taking a test, or C) Writing a DBQ/FRQ. Our teacher usually gives us two outlines for the weekend, and two during the week, so we always have our work cut out for us, and he usually piles a worksheet or pre-test on top of that.

1:24 PM: Language arts. I almost like this class. We read Shakespeare, Dickens, Bradbury... you name it, I've analyzed it. The literature is great, but our teacher gives us more papers/projects/assignments than I can keep track of. I deserve AP credit for this class. Too bad I'm a sophomore. It's a shame, I would have really liked this class too...

2:30 PM: Jazz band! No homework for the last class of the day, which is convenient, because I can start my work early when I have any lengthy rests.

3:30 PM: FREEDOM! Not really. I have something after school pretty much every day, like musical rehearsal, French competition practice, solo and ensemble practice, etc.

5:30 PM: Get home and help Mom with dinner.

6:00 PM: At dinner, I usually talk about politics, literature, or history with my parents cuz I'm a nerd like that. Then I do the dishes.

8:00 – ?:00 PM: Keep studying til late. Set my alarm to 5 again, because I didn't finish all of my homework and need to wake up early... again.

Repeat 5 times. Die slowly inside.

Do you think it'd be worth the stress to go to a Top 50 high school?

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