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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

There's nothing we like better than mean, gossipy girls. Admit it: they're just the BEST. They're so...mean! And gossipy! Are you with us? Of course you're not. BECAUSE WE'RE BEING FACETIOUS, SPARKLERS. And we are only facetious when we are in an EXCELLENT mood, which we happen to be in today. Would you like to know why? *cue the suspenseful background music, which is surprisingly similar to the Jaws theme song*

Because you rated last week's absurdly outdated video a 9.46 on the Scale of Awesomeness! That kind of score is enough to make us do a little boogey and a scoot around our desk, with a few poorly-executed hip thrusts thrown in for good measure. That kind of score makes us so HAPPY that we almost, ALMOST stop sweating. Another thing that makes us happy? Disney movies. (Was that a subtle segue or WHAT?!) More specifically, parodies of Disney movies, like the one we're featuring today, submitted by Sparkler jessica. You may hate it, you may love it, you may not give a single sweaty damn about it, but today Sparklers, and just today, you've already made us so GLORIOUSLY content that even a score of -16 can't bring us down. So thank you, and ENJOY:

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