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What To Do When You Tell a Bad Joke

What To Do When You Tell a Bad Joke

Hah. We've never told a bad joke in our lives. Sorry, Bookworm12297, looks like we won't be needing this post! *hides behind tree and reads furiously while taking extensive, detailed notes*— Sparkitors

We’ve all been there. You’re desperately trying to impress your crush, so you tell the first joke that comes to mind. In your head, it sounded perfect, like the wittiest, most charming joke ever told, but when it comes out of your mouth: FAIL. S/he just stares at you blankly before forcing a sympathetic laugh, and you melt into a puddle of humiliation and despair. Want to avoid becoming a puddle? Follow these tips!

1. Laugh it off: Say “Wow, that was a bad joke, wasn’t it?” Then, as hard as it may be, laugh! Not like a crazed maniac, mind you, but like an endearingly embarrassed potential SO. Your crush will see that you don’t take yourself too seriously (a very attractive quality), and you'll both end up cracking up at the stupidity of your joke. SCORE!

2. Change the subject: Just pretend the joke never happened! Smoothly return to the topic you were discussing before your failed attempt at humor, and don't show that you're panicked or stressed. You'll come off as confident, and your conversation will remain intact.

3. Run away: Call me juvenile, but if your conversation has been dipped in fail-cheese, it might be best just to make a quick exit through the fire escape. Sure, you risk looking like a psychopathic track star, but it's a small price to pay for escaping a potentially traumatic situation.

4. Offer a piece of candy: And watch your crush's train of thought change within seconds: “Wow, that was a really stupid jo—Oooh! Is that a pack of M&Ms? You're the best!" Nothing diverts someone’s attention better than a snack-sized Snickers bar, so try to carry one on you at all times. I have one in my pocket right now. Want a piece? Of course you do. And that's my point.

5. When all else fails: Flash your best smile and giggle. Then, light something big on fire. No one remembers a bad joke when things are on fire. Trust me.

Have you ever told a bad joke? How did you recover?

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