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Cute Thing of the Week

Cute Thing of the Week

This adorable, bundled-up pup is wrapped in layers of cuddle-worthy fleece, making her a veritable burrito of cuteness—minus the beans, which are sort of gross anyway. minipinkelephant is the lucky owner of this Yorkshire Terrier named Minnie, and she just couldn't resist snapping a shot for us to post. Who could blame her? This dog is PRECIOUS, man. Legit-style. (Do we sound more "street" if we use all those words together?) So throw some hilarity our way; last week you proved you've got pretty good aim! Here are some of our favorites:

I am Emmett and I shall destroy you!! by freaky-pixie

Let the staring contest... BEGIN! by Sara_95

Steroids: don't do them. Want a reason? I used to be a lab rat. By DamselindisDress

My head is full of INTELLIGENCE, fool. by travelwriter21

Can I HELP you? by fuzzyblulightz

If Voldemort had been a toddler, I would have been his Nagini. by burnauburn

Who said I was a vegetarian?! by muffinsarejustbetter

WHAT YOU LOOKIN' AT FOOL? by katiedanny6

And last week's hilarious new Cute Thing Hall of Fame inductee, by rebmevoNovember:

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