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10 Things to Do When the Power is Out

10 Things to Do When the Power is Out

We love this article by Bookworm12297, mostly because it uses the word "marshmallow" like, 300 times.—Sparkitors

There's a "zing!" a "pop!" and then dead silence, immediately followed by:MOOOMMMMM! The power’s out!” But after the initial shock and excitement wear off, you realize that you're bored. Extremely bored. What is a Sparkler to do when the power goes out? Try one of these suggestions:

1. Feel around blindly for a piece of paper and pen. Then draw an exact replica of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" from memory. This is hard.

2. Pretend you are Dracula, or Edward Cullen (whichever floats your boat), and stalk your dog.

3. Throw a bunch of marshmallows up in the air, then try to catch them in your mouth. This is ten times harder in the dark than in the light, but also ten times more fun.

4. Make your siblings recover all of the marshmallows that miss your mouth. Offer a “prize” (marshmallows) for the one who collects the most. If you have no siblings, use your dog.

5. Ghost stories are so clichéd. Instead, launch into a detailed explanation of the root causes of the War of 1812. Riveting!

6. If a storm is going on, yell back at the thunder. Pretend you are in an argument, and the thunder is saying mean things about your mother.

7. Roast marshmallows with your flashlight. It takes several years, but it's totally worth it.

8. Train your superhero senses. By the time the power comes back on, your "night vision" will be impeccable.

9. Pretend you are Laura from Little House on the Prairie. Put on a homely dress and read an unthinkably dull book by candlelight.

10. Call your house phone from your cell phone and pretend to be a psychopathic serial killer who recently escaped from prison. After setting the scene, say, "I'm calling from...inside the house" as creepily as possible. This is really funny if your mom answers the phone and freaks out. It isn't as funny if she calls the police.

Repeat the activities on this list as many times as possible until the power comes back  on. If it never does, well, either a tree fell on your power line and you'll never have electricity again, or you're living in the early 1700’s.

What do you do when the power goes out?

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