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The Hit List: Songs That'll Make You Tear Up

The Hit List: Songs That'll Make You Tear Up

Allthingsgood writes about all things sad, and that's totally fine with us. —Sparkitors

So you're in a great mood and BAM, a sad song comes on shuffle and knocks you down. But the feeling of being tossed off your happy pedestal is so jarring that it's kind of awesome. I love it. Something about hearing a sad song at just the right time is... uplifting, actually. Anywho, I have compiled a list of my favorite sad songs. Listen to them all and you will be tearing up.

15. "Reverence For Fallen Trees," by The Black Atlantic
Okay, so you've never heard of Black Atlantic. You're not alone. They are not widely known, but this song is just so depressing.

14. "Wake Up," by Coheed & Cambria
This song had a sad and longing feel to it, like a soldier returning from war (at least, that's what I picture).

13. "La-Di-Da," by Manchester Orchestra
A good 'ol love song with powerful lyrics.

12. "Monuments And Melodies," by Incubus
Listen to it. Incubus is good stuff.

11. "Hurt," by Johnny Cash
Basically, this song is about self-destruction.

10. "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral," by Richard Wagner
Call me a nerd if you want for incorporating a classical piece, but it is the most beautiful and sad thing ever.

9. "Naked As We Came," by Iron and Wine
"If I leave before you, darling, don't you waste me in the ground." "Nuf said.

8. "Such Great Heights," by Ben Gibbard
The Ben Gibbard acoustic version of this song is so emotional and...just... good.

7. "Grapevine Fires," by Death Cab For Cutie
A song about destruction, loss, death, and innocence. One of my favorite songs ever.

6. "Brick," by Ben Folds Five
This is a song about the loss of innocence and daunting realizations about life.

5. "Play Crack the Sky," by Brand New
This is a giant metaphor, with meaningful lyrics, for a relationship.

4. "Talking Bird," by Death Cab For Cutie
This song is another giant metaphor. But since all you Sparklers are super smart, you can figure this one out on your own.

3. "Hallelujah," by Jeff Buckley
If you haven't heard this, you live under a boulder.

2. "Cause I'm So Scared of Dying," by Right Away, Great Captain!
The title explains it all. Oh, and props if you have ever heard of RAGC.

1. "The Trapeze Swinger," by Iron and Wine
I can't describe to you how sad this song is. It reminds me of old friends, passed-on family members, and my friends that will be leaving for college. This is going to be my funeral song.

What are your favorite sad songs?

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