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How to Fend Off Post-Vacation Letdown

How to Fend Off Post-Vacation Letdown

Oh, is that you, Sparklers? Excuse me, I didn't know we had a date this morning. I was just here, lying on my bathroom floor with snot running from my nose, my eyes swollen shut from ugly crying, listening to my neighbor's dog respond to my incessant wailing with mournful howls.

What's my problem? Glad you asked! Your faithful SparkLife scribe just returned from The Trip of a Lifetime. You know, one of those vacations you look forward to for nine months and spend the better part of your winter dreaming about, making packing plans for, and telling everyone you come into contact with (sorry, bank teller) about. Then the big event arrives, and it is everything you thought it would be. It is stupendiferous. You laugh, you play, you explore. Your life is changed forever... until it's over and you have to come back to reality.

Summer is the time for these kinds of vacations. It's also the time for the massive letdown that settles in when these trips are over. Seven ways to continue living the dream and denying reality:

1) Post all 326 photos of your trip on Facebook. You can never have too many scenery photos.

2) Put together a slideshow, set to music, that you can share with anyone who will sit still for 20 minutes (pets included).

3) Put your experience into words. No worries if you didn't spend a moment of your precious vacation time keeping a journal; you can still do it now. A diary-like play-by-play, a trip-inspired short story, or poetry—record your memories however you'd like.

4) If you used a guidebook, go back through it and highlight all your favorite places. Better yet, write your own guidebook.

5) Did you try or do something new on vacation? Is there any reason you can't do it at home? Take up bocce ball, eat more octopus, or track down the best Caribbean restaurant in your hometown.

6) Rent a movie or read a book set in the place you visited. Shout "I remember that!" every time you recognize something.

7) Get to work planning your next Best Vacation Ever.

Do you have a trip planned for the summer? How do you avoid post-vacation letdown?

Going on the trip of a lifetime with your family? Better read Dan's guide before you set off.

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