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Happy Birthday, Miss Marm!!!

Happy Birthday, Miss Marm!!!

Do you know what today is? If you said "National Grape Popsicle Day!," you'd be right! But if you thought that a celebration of grape popsicles was the most important thing to happen today, you'd be WRONG. Because today is not just a day to commemorate the invention of grape-flavored ice on a stick—it's the birthday of our local editrix, email friend, and essay-advice-giver extraordinaire, Miss Marm!

And while we won't tell you how old she is (secrets!), or what she's having for her birthday dinner (just kidding; it's cake!) we will be dedicating an embarrassingly gush-loving post to the top ten reasons why Miss Marm is the bee's knees... and by "ten," we actually mean "nine," because by the time we'd gotten 90% of the way through this list of undisputed awesome-sauce-ness, we were so filled with envy that we had to go lie down.

1. She tells us when the sentences we is writing are not the correct, and also when they is The Bad.

2. She read every single submission to the Musical Fiction Contest... and survived!

3. She gave us advice about our period. (Click, it's okay!)

4. She knows exactly how it feels when your writing style gets all wet.

5. Her favorite childhood author is also our favorite childhood author.

6. She's knows where all the good pizza places are.

7. She provides all the nurturing love and sensible advice that an aspiring writer needs.

8. She knows what it's like to procrastinate on your thesis.

9. She's waaaaay hotter than her avatar. How hot? Let's just say that if you saw her in person, your face would actually melt off.

Leave your birthday wishes, kind words, or grammatically correct love for Miss Marm in the comments!!!

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