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The Hit List: Bruce Springsteen

The Hit List: Bruce Springsteen

Sparkler BeauYouKnow has been waiting SO patiently for her post to be published. If we could have torn our eyes away from Bruce in a cut-off tank top, it would have been up ages ago.— SparkNotes editors

Artist Review: 4 Reasons Teens Should Love Bruce Springsteen

Let me get right to the point—there's an epidemic affecting today's youth, and that epidemic is Bruce-Lessness. Only a few lucky teenagers have delved into the great musical world of Bruce Springsteen, and outside of those select die-hard fans, no one seems to know that Springsteen’s music embodies the emotions and struggles that we teens experience every day. This brings me to the first reason why teenagers should love Springsteen:

His music is relevant to our lives. It's true! He writes lyrics that describe EXACTLY what you’re feeling! You’re probably wondering how you could ever relate to songs written by a 60-year-old guy, but most of Springsteen’s lyrics reflect on his teenage years, when he was just a Jersey kid longing to be released from the confines of his town and yearning to find something bigger and better. Since my dreams don’t include being Arcade Manager at Camelot Park, I really connect with Springsteen’s lyrics, especially those of “Born to Run”: “Someday, girl, I don't know when/we're gonna get to that place/Where we really want to go/and we'll walk in the sun/But till then—tramps like us/baby we were born to run.” Bonus fact: This song is practically the youth anthem of New Jersey. Really. Look it up.

The second reason that teens should love Springsteen?

His music is perfect for driving. I’m a huge fan of the “Driving Playlist”— you know, the playlist you listen to when you’re cruising around with the windows down, wind blowing and speakers blasting? Well, Bruce (yes, I’d like to think we’d be on a first name basis) has created so many songs that are perfect for driving that I’ve totally revamped my standards for Driving Playlist songs. My favorites? “Streets of Fire,” “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” “Magic,” “I’m On Fire,” “Tunnel of Love,” “Spirit in the Night,” and “Kitty’s Back,” just to name a few. They’re all songs you can totally rock out to in a I-want-to-punch-myself-this-song-is-so-good kind of way. Note: I don’t condone anyone actually punching themselves while listening to this song, or to any Bruce Springsteen song. You should channel that energy into punching people who mistake Bruce Springsteen for Rick Springfield instead.

The third reason you should convert to Brucedom is…

He's devastatingly attractive. Sure, it’s shallow (and sorta creepy), but it’s also undeniable! Springsteen can pull off any decade (60s, 70s, 80s, the present) and any style (street rat, beach bum, macho man), and even at 60 he's still got that timeless sparkle in his eye. Let’s face it, the man is handsome—who cares if he's old enough to be my grandpa. Think I'm wrong? Watch this. I rest my case.

All that, plus:

He’s got universal appeal. Springsteen’s music has been classified as “Heartland Rock,” which basically means that it speaks to everybody. Whether you’re looking for soulful songs, great guitar solos, or timeless anthems,  Bruce has got something for you. Don’t let the fact that your dad listens to him stop you from giving Springsteen a chance. In honor of Springsteen’s 80s hit “Dancing in the Dark,” I leave you with this invitation: “Come on now baby, gimme just one look.”

What do you think, Sparklers? Are you a Springsteen convert?

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