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My Crush Is a Wrestler

My Crush Is a Wrestler

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I have to admit, I love wrestling. Even though wrestlers are huge, sweaty men who could pulverize me in a second, I find some of them to be amazingly attractive. Here's a list of my favorites:

1. John Morrison

Real name: John Hennigan

To me, John Morrison is one of the best-looking superstars in the WWE. He got his start in wrestling by co-winning a WWE/MTV reality show called Tough Enough. Known for his amazing 8-pack and flashy finishing move, Starship Pain, John Morrison is destined for success in pro-wrestling.

2. John Cena

Real name: John Cena

He’s not the most attractive, in my opinion, but his personality is what makes him great. John is devoted, hardworking, and kind—both in character and in real life. John has starred in two movies, The Marine and 12 Rounds. He has also released a rap album, You Can’t See Me. He is a big supporter of Make-A-Wish Foundation and has put in a significant amount of time and effort into the charity.

3. Randy Orton

Real name: Randy Orton

His personality may not be the greatest, but he sure is cute. A third generation wrestler, he knows the business inside and out. Known for sneakily attacking his opponents, and his snake-like movements in the ring, Randy has earned the nickname “The Viper.”

4. The Miz

Real name: Mike Mizanin

You might recognize The Miz from one of the many reality TV shows he’s been on—The Real World; Real World/Road Rules Challenge; Battle of the Seasons; The Gauntlet; The Inferno; Battle of the Sexes 2; The Inferno 2; Fear Factor; Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?; Identity; Battle of the Network Reality Stars; and Tough Enough, which earned him a WWE contract. The current United States Champion and one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz is destined for greatness.

5. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase

Real names: Cody Runnels and Ted Dibiase Jr.

Also multi-generation wrestlers, Cody and Ted are a tag team that has even seen championship gold. Out of the two, Cody is better looking but more arrogant. Ted is more thoughtful and caring. He is also the star of the movie The Marine 2. Both are rapidly learning from their mentor, Randy Orton.

6. MVP

Real name: Alvin Burke Jr.

MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) has declared himself “half man, half amazing.” When he was 16, he spent 9 ½ years of an 18 ½-year sentence in jail for armed robbery and kidnapping. Burke now uses his star power to help kids stay out of jail. He formerly dated Sherri Shepherd of The View and is the longest reigning United States Champion in history.

7. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft

Real names: Greg Marasciulo and Kris Pavone

This tag team comprises the WWE’s newest superstars. The real-life best friends have finally achieved their lifelong goal of competing in the WWE. They may be cocky and arrogant, but they have long careers ahead of them in the world of wrestling.

Okay, okay, which one's your favorite?

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