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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

We'd love to get a letter from you, iplayharp! —Sparkitors

With the fairly-recent inventions of texting, emailing, and Facebook, we are in constant communication with one another. As these contact methods gain in popularity, we are quickly losing a form of communication that has been around for centuries: letter-writing. You may ask, Why write a letter? Well, there are several fun reasons to get out your pen and paper…

1. You LOVE getting mail. Don’t lie, we all know you get excited when a letter comes addressed to you. It could be an invitation, a birthday card, whatever, but you still feel a teeny bit special when someone writes your name on an envelope. Unless it’s those pesky colleges who won’t let you unsubscribe from the mailing list… (shoutout to Carroll College in Montana!) Why not give someone else that same special feeling?

2. Your parents probably won't forcibly steal it and read it. For some reason, parents think it's totally okay to steal your phone or hack into your computer and read EVERYTHING. Even if you aren’t doing anything dirty (Sparklers are all good, clean people I’m sure), you can still be embarrassed about that massive secret crush your parents just found out about. With a letter, you actually have supreme privacy rights. For example, if your mom wants to read your letter, you can say one of two things:
a) Okay, if you can read my letter, I think it’s only fair that I look into our personal finances. How much do you make in a year?

3. Your parents can’t pretend to be you. Via text, email, or Facebook, your parents can log into your account and talk to your friends under your name *gasp*! This could potentially cause horrifically embarrassing results. Luckily, a letter is handwritten, and it’s not like your parents can imitate your handwriting perfectly, unless they are in the CIA…

4. You can go back in time. Get out a nightcap and brush your hair George Washington-style. Turn out all the lights and walk with a candle. Even burn the edges of the paper and read the entire letter aloud in a British accent. Now get out that quill and ink and call upon every romantic Jane Austen character who has ever written a letter to his beloved! Jolly good.

Do you ever write letters?

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