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xXx_lola_xXx's Rules of Commenting

xXx_lola_xXx's Rules of Commenting

We think it's awesome that xXx_lola_xXx took the time to write about blog commenting manners. She's the Emily Post of SparkLife posts! —SparkNotes editors

SparkLife is usually a healthy, safe, fun place to comment, but occasionally, things get out of hand. For that reason, I have come up with a commenting etiquette guide for ALL to follow.

Rule 1: No cussing.

Some of us may not cuss in the first place but I feel I must mention this to stay on the safe side. No profanity.

Rule 2: No fighting.

There may be disagreements—it happens—but if you can't stand another Sparkler comment, keep that to yourself. However, if there's a blog post that brings up controversial ideas, sounding off is okay. Otherwise, no.

Rule 3: No racist, sexist, or any other –ist remarks.

This can only cause problems in the comments. Racist, sexist, or any other discriminatory words shall forever be banned because they are not only rude and hurtful, but extremely immature.

Rule 4: No sexual remarks.

I don’t think this has been a problem, but we are teenagers and are bound to have perverted thoughts, so please do not put them in the comments. We should be more mature than that. I am a teenager just like all of you but I don’t need to comment on a post with something considered “in the gutter” so please don’t either.

Rule 5: No spamming.

I am pretty sure we don’t need to read a comment that looks like this: fhlifehgfiluehgfvjhdsjfhaslifut4rutiufhiletuwthqw8i47ty4fhqiughfjaqkleurtiwegyrwuierwurhwrtighfhefklaeujqtyhwaiefuyhlfhkjda. Agreed?

Rule 6 (preferably): Correct spelling and grammar.

I know we don’t always want to spell things right and use correct grammar but it bugs a lot of people when you don’t. I personally am not a stickler about grammar, but I do get bothered about spelling. This rule is optional but try to make your comments understandable, please.

Any other rules I forgot?

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