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Dating 101

Dating 101

The following is Coral107's list of things to consider when asking someone out on a date, as well things to do when actually on said date. Enjoy! —SparkNotes editors

1. Know the person you wanna ask out first. It's not that attractive when a random person just asks you out.

2. Smell good. Put on the deodorant, but please, use only a little bit of cologne or perfume. Nobody wants to date someone who smells like a perfume store.

3.  Clean up. Shave if you're a guy, apply some moisturizer or makeup if you're a girl. If it's against your religion to shave or wear makeup, just make sure you're nice, clean, and cute/pretty/hot.

4. Take your wallet with you. There's nothing nicer than buying your date a little unexpected something.

5. Be on time. Really, lateness is annoying. A few minutes is no big deal, but don't let it become a habit.

6. If you have to cancel a date, give a good reason why. Even if the reason is something really embarrassing or intimate, explain what's going on. The other person will appreciate it.

7. If you suspect you are in a horror movie, don't make out or have sex. Also, don't separate and go make out in a car overlooking a cliff. It's even worse if there is mist or if you hear a warning on the radio about an escaped serial killer.

8. Treat him/her nicely. Some cute teasing about how her eyes look like marbles is okay. Making fun of the way she puts an "r" in wash isn't.

9. Don't lie about important things. It's okay to lie about innocent things like when you stopped wetting the bed. Lying about how you're a five star chef is not innocent. Or normal.

10. Find some common ground. It's a lot easier to ask a person out when you already have a conversation going than it is to just go up to a person and ask him out randomly. Knowledge of the other person also helps on the date itself, and leads to a lot fewer awkward pauses.

Have any other basic rules of dating? Leave 'em in the comments!

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