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What It's Like to Live In…Canton, Ohio

What It's Like to Live In…Canton, Ohio

GoingBananas didn't send a cheese bribe for us, but we still like her post. One question, Bananas: is it hard to type with your sarcasm hand raised? —SparkNotes editors

At first I wasn’t going to write a “What It's Like to Live In…” post, because there was already a post on Ohio. But then something happened: Forbes came out with the “Top 20 Most Miserable Cities” and Canton, Ohio was ranked ninth.

Canton is not a big city. The fact that it was even evaluated for this list shocks me. But it was, and I thought I should tell all the other Sparklers out there what it's like to live in one of the most miserable cities in America.

Places we hang out/what we do there:

1) School
Yes, school is a hangout place. People stay after classes and just chill out, and a lot of people are involved in after-school activities, such as sports teams or The Pokemon Club.

2) Fast food places near school
You can walk across the street to a Taco Bell, a McDonalds, and a Subway. If you're not feeling lazy, you can also walk to a Wendy's, which is a fast food place that's very common in Ohio, but not everywhere. There was a smoothie/healthy eats place nearby too, but it closed. Go figure: the 3 ½ unhealthy places are still in business, but the one healthy place closes down! (I gave Subway a ½ because although it is “fresh” and I love it, it's still fast food that had to change its ways after Super Size Me.)

3) The mall
It's no Mall of America, but for our miserable little city, it's pretty impressive.

4) The pool
When the weather's nice, that is where everyone is. It’s a nice break from the misery of our daily lives.

5) Friend’s houses
To hang out, everyone usually just crashes at a friend’s house. It’s a place that will always be warm and inviting (unless, of course, no one invited you), where you will (almost) always get free food.

6) Movies!
Our movie theaters are pretty good, I guess. I can’t make a comparison; I’ve lived here (in misery) my whole life!

7) The Pro Football Hall of Fame
Umm, we don’t really hang out here. But Canton is “The Pro Football Hall of Fame City,” so I fell that this landmark should be acknowledged.

Forbes says Canton is miserable because only 18% of the adult population has a college degree. But not having a college degree doesn’t make you miserable. I might forgo college and instead begin the world’s first (I think) submarine taxi cab service! And I will be perfectly happy. Forbes also cites our harsh winters. But I would argue that we have sucky winters. We don't get nine feet of snow; we just endure cold, miserable grey.

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