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Tweets of the Distant Future

Tweets of the Distant Future

What will the future bring? Androids and space travel? Grimy dystopian cities, full of cyber-crime and smog? Whatever happens, Twitterers will report on it in 140-character updates. Here are some messages we might read on our triquarters:

  • ZOMG I <3 hoverboards!!!!
  • Flying saucer parked me in. WTH?!
  • Ril sick. Ate 2 much at galactic buffet.
  • L8test Twilight holo-film better in 4D.
  • Dark side of moon = lame vacation. WYWH.
  • Robot servant gave me iPhone 62000-G17 for b-day gift. BFF!
  • Who wants summer RT to Alpha Centauri?
  • Bad convo with XGF. She's not in2 Homo sapiens anymore :(
  • Has any1 seen my jetpack?!
  • Replicants are people 2.
  • Justice for Dist. 9.
  • SWM seeks Grok partner.
  • Soma party at my place!
  • FYI: Marsian Starbucks doesn't serve espresso. Y?
  • Lost in space. May have to hitchhike back. Danger! Danger! (Not rlly, LOL).
  • Does @SparkNotes have No Fear 1984? Need translation cuz that book's #prehistoric!

Can you think of some tweets from the future?

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