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Awesome Thing of the Week

Awesome Thing of the Week

We're overrun with Awesome Things! We have 1000 Awesome Things, and one of those Awesome Things is called 1000 Awesome Things!

*convulses on the floor*

We need to make room in our inbox. We need... multiple Awesome Things today. Okay? Okay.

Thing 1: The Salmon Dance, sent by a Sparkler who wishes to remain anonymous

Thing 2: Total Eclipse of the Heart, Literal Version, sent by MadamePresident7

Thing 3 (Creepy Thing of the Week alert!): Scary Poppins, sent by a mystery Sparkler.

Thing 4: This Robot, sent by Oddcheez

Feel free to rate them all on the -10 to 10 Scale of Awesomeness, but let us know which Awesome Thing you're talking about so we can accurately do the rankings!

Last week's cupcake video got a 7.73, which would have been higher, but apparently you guys don't like watching cupcakes... making... batter... ermm... naked vegetables.

Sorry we forgot to warn you. o.O

Send your horrible, awesome, or creepy things to for consideration!

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